Isn’t she loverly, isn’t she mud-erful? isn’t she pweshush….

27 Jun

Ah, mud packs. Except when mudpacks dry, and you are watching something funny on TV you find that laughing is a bit of a problem…haw!

This mudpack is a nice shade of green, but I don’t that that lovely green came through in the photo much….teehee….

So, I’ve been trying different things. Like, the “self tanner” by Jergens. I’ve been using the Daily one, and after a couple days I saw a “tan” emerging, and after the week it suggested, there was a “tan!” I was surprised at how natural the color looks, but since it reacts to your own skin, that makes a difference. When I used to tan “back in the day” I rarely burned and would get a really dark color. It’s the first self-tanner I have tried since the early 90’s when they were much messier and much orangey-er.

I also bought this thing where you attach a pad to it and it vibrates and you rub it on your face. It’s the cheaper version of the one I really wanted – huhn, I think I should just buy what I want but sometimes it is hard for me to spend money on myself (is this a woman who has been a mom thing? or a woman who has been in poor circumstances before thing?), but the cheaper version does at least massage my face and I feel all soft after, the cheaper version is Nutrogena Wave.
I painted my toes a bronze color – although the bright blue they were was nice *grin* I was ready for a change. I never used to paint my toes until a friend looked at me with one eyebrow raised and said, “You should be painting your toes – bare toenails are blah and ugly . . . ” Huhn, well…so, I painted my toes and after I began doing that for a time, my bare toenails just look….wrong! *haw!* However, I never paint my fingernails- and if I do, they always end up chipped and ugly, so I just leave them bare.
Every night I wash my face and put moisterizer on it. I used to just grab whatever and slap it in, but lately I have been trying to get into a regular routine. I’ve been experimenting with some of the Olay line, and am pretty pleased with it. Their Daily Regenerating Serum is really nice – when you put it on clean skin, your skin feels so soft; nice stuff!
I’m not a ‘girly girl’ but I am finding that I like taking care of my skin and trying new things. And believe me, I am “no fuss” and have always been no fuss, but at 52, my skin has changed some and I’m trying to accommodate those changes.

I take calcium capsules twice a day, and a B-complex, a cranberry capsule, and a fish oil once a day.

So, what new product have you tried lately and liked or wish you’d never spent money on? Do you have a routine for your skin care? What’s new out there you’ve tried, or do you have old favorites? Do you take vitamins? Is there something you splurge on – like facials or massages (I have never had a massage and the one facial I had I have mixed feelings about.) Do you get pedicures or manicures or do it yourself (I’ve had two pedis and one mani my entire life!)? I’m curious!

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  1. Carol @ TheWritersPorch June 27, 2009 at 7:53 am #

    Well let's see….NO, I don't get pedicures or manicures! I got Acrilic nails years ago and just about ruined my nails!I do splurge on my face now days but actually find the cheaper products work just as well.I'm into Loreal these days.I do do mask once a week and have a Ponds scrubber I use everyday.I used to get massages on a regular basis for Fibromyalgia pain but I got a private massage chair for Christmas/Anniversary last year and it works just as good and I don't have to leave home and can get a massage at a moments notice!YEAH!Have a great weekend friend! xoxo

  2. smiles4u June 27, 2009 at 8:13 am #

    I think because I am not a girly girl and naturally don't take time to do these things for myself and having time for such things is hard to find, and not having the money to spend on such things, I just don't do many of these things. I have never had my nails done(hands or feet)and never wear finger nail polish but in the summer I do try to put polish on my toes(if I have time :) I used to get massages at a massage school(much cheaper :) back before I became a mom again. I love massages but usually find that I am the one giving them.I do make my own salt body scrub that feels wonderful and try to do this regularly. I do put on a tanning lotion to give myself some color as often as time allows. I use an olive oil face scrub that makes my face feel wonderful too. I also make an avocado/olive oil face mask and try to do it whenever my face is in need of it. I put sweet almond oil or a similar oil in my hair for a treatment when it needs it. I wear very little make up, due to time and not really caring.When I remember to take my supplements, I take them. Three things I do every day, that don't cost me an arm and a leg is, I drink tons of water, eat simple but healthy and I exercise hard enough to work up an all over good sweat. I think these are the things that keep me going non stop and able to chase after little people every day. In all honesty, I am pretty cheap and lazy when it comes to doing all the extra things that many other women do. I keep saying "one of these days…"…lol.

  3. Angie Ledbetter June 27, 2009 at 9:45 am #

    LOL, nobody I know (except maybe Crazy Debbie) would post such a picture! You are a true original. *smooch*About the girly-girl stuff, you know me. I take a daily multi, if I wear makeup sometimes I sleep with it on, and that's about it for "beauty treatments." LOL Other than that, I eat bad, don't exercise much and swill coffee. Wheeee! I'm in the Tightwad Sisterhood with ya, for all reasons mentioned. But I DO sometimes get the mani/pedi, which my 10W ugly-arse feet sorely deserve. hehe

  4. Sarah June 27, 2009 at 9:52 am #

    LOL, not a girlie girl either, but as I have gotten older, am more likely to take better care of me. Although I am often called a granola and compared to the Mom on Darhma and Greg – lol- I do have a bit of vanity in me. I do color and highlight my hair, paint my fingernails on occassion and take good vitamins. I have rosacea and have to be really careful with my face, but have discovered a product that really works for me! Biore' blemish fighting ice cleanser. My 17 year old daughter bought it and said – try it MOM. I was so pleased, my face hasn't been this clear in years!!Enjoy the toenails!!! Sarah

  5. Kathryn Magendie June 27, 2009 at 10:39 am #

    Ain't we all purty? *laughing*I have rosacea too – I use metrocream – it's not a bad rosacea, just flushing, but the metrocream helps!:)I don't color my hair – but, I'm lucky I do not have much grey ….,yet!

  6. Jessica June 27, 2009 at 12:03 pm #

    I'm not real girly either, but I stay away from the skin products aisle because I always want to try their stuff. LOL Love your mask. I got one like that too. Hheeeeheee.

  7. Deb Shucka June 27, 2009 at 1:39 pm #

    Caress soap is my best beauty secret. I've been using it since I was a teen. Flax oil twice a day for inner beauty and health (it keeps my arthritis at bay). An occasional pedicure for pampering – always with purple polish. I'm trying to work up the nerve for massage – still unsuccessfully.Love the picture!

  8. Sandra Leigh June 27, 2009 at 9:04 pm #

    Darn. I meant to pick up a Burt's Bees mask today, but I forgot. Ah, well. That about sums up my beauty routine,anyway. I do put OPI Nail Envy (which is clear) on my fingernails. It keeps them from breaking, and it looks as if I've made an effort – and if I'm in Mexico or otherwise showing my toes, I try to keep some colour on my toenails – usually OPI's "I'm Not Really a Waitress", which is bright red, or "Mango Madness" (I think that last one is right).I have my hair cut every five weeks or so, because I like it short. I've got some grey hair now, but still not a lot. Usually I have some highlights, caramelish, not to cover the grey, but to counteract the dullness of my natural mousy brown.

  9. Michelle June 28, 2009 at 6:15 pm #

    Ive been having a panic about turkey neck lately…..argh. Am trying Dr Llewynns at the moment…the eye cream is nice but the turkey neck isnt going anywhere….stamping footxxx

  10. Sheila DeChantal June 28, 2009 at 8:51 pm #

    Ok that just made me laugh! Great post!

  11. Jill of All Trades June 28, 2009 at 10:13 pm #

    Oh gosh. When I was young, very, very young I didn't even wear makeup but have always lotioned my face. I have used Mary Kay for over 30 years now and even sold it for about 3 years. Now the makeup is almost essential to cover the age spots but as always the lotion and cleansing and creams and stuff around my eyes for the crows feet. I think it is very, very important to wear sunglasses. Squinting at the sun just encourages the crinkling. A few years ago I discovered the joys of facials and massages and do them quite often.

  12. Debbie June 29, 2009 at 9:46 am #

    Hey, I resemble that comment by Angie!Great photo. You are making gigantic leaps in your self-confidence my friend!You know I am not a mani/pedi gal. Low maintenance is my mantra. I do have to take my calcium twice a day. Not only do my bones start breaking when I breath if I don't, I become a raving lunatic.

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