On the blog road again, just can’t wait to get on the blog road again!

I’m coming ’round to visit you all this morning. If you don’t see me, then know it’s some glitch with Blogger.
Many times I’ll get an error message that kicks me out of a blog, but someone gave me the advice to just hit the back arrow to take me back to the blog, and it work! However, sometimes there are other glitches and I don’t know what to do about those (like the multiplying page -that’s the most frustrating one -I have to restart my computer to stop it!).

So . . . I’ll see you all soon. Jumping in my virtual Boopmobile and vrooom vrooom vrooom . . .

PS GMR is in a world premier play called “Til Beth Do Us Part,” and here’s an article in the Asheville Citizen Times.
PSS – already I am having problems getting to some of your blogs! I just went to Barry’s and to Writer’s Porch and both blogs gave me a mostly blank page or all blank – argh! Blogspot has been really weird lately with all these glitches.

12 thoughts on “On the blog road again, just can’t wait to get on the blog road again!

  1. I h-a-t-e those multiplying pages too. Drives me bonkers, but only happens when I'm on the laptop. gark. I'm blog hopping today too. Congrats to GMR on the new production.Am I really first today? :O) (Oh, I finally sent you copies of that FAB Tender Graces review from the Advocate.)

  2. Lovely comment over on the Turtle's page, especially the soles of her feet picked up sugar from the floor. Incredibly tactile sticky gritty, giving her feet their fair share since they can't get goosebumps.

  3. Jump over to Firefox as your browser when using blogs. I did it last week and got rid of all this annoying things! and you can keep your other browser too. Takes seconds to do!

  4. I was having the repeating blogs too. It was on my laptop and the work computer so don't know if it was the website or a virus thingy so ran some virus stuff and adaware stuff and seems to have stopped. Good luck.

  5. Mairi is right about your poem over at the Turtle – thank you both for coming to my rescue today. And Kathryn, it's wonderful to see you again – I've missed your amazing good cheer. btw, I stillforgot to buy that Burt's Bees Mask today. Sheesh.

  6. My dear Kathryn….I believe you have a virus. :-) The multiplying pages has to do (I think) either with a virus or your add-ons. If you know someone with tech experience, they can probably fix it for you.Looking forward to see you around. :-)

  7. Oh, I'm not on firefox (that I know of) I'm pretty sure it's add-ons….Check out your tools menu and look over the add-ons. Anything that sounds odd, disable it, then see if you still get multiplying pages. If your computer doesn't work right after disabling them, then you can re-enable them just by clicking on enable. :-)

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