I already left las vegas . . . left it for good . . .

Photos: flying in to Vegas, starting with as we left the clouds, Hoover Dam, down into Vegas – then on board the shuttle bus to take us to the strip – lights! people! sound! Kat the reclusive is overwhelmed–and as my brother told me then, “You haven’t seen anything yet . . . ” he was right! more on that later . . .

Analisa guessed correctly that I was in Las Vegas – the last place I’d ever have expected to be. Go by and give Analisa a congrats for winning a signed copy of Tender Graces *smiling*
So, yes, I was in Las Vegas with my brother, Tommy. What a strange land LV is. I have some stories to tell.

I think I will get rid of this story first, since it is the puzzling one, perhaps some would say embarrasing one, but I have no shame; yet, the one that had me going, “huh? What? Good lord!” It had my brother laughing his arse off when I told him about it.
One morning, Tommy and I woke up a little later than usual and we rushed to get ready to go down to the buffet at Planet Hollywood. I adored the buffet at PH – and I’m not a buffet kind of person one bit, but more on the food of LV later. So, I hurridly dressed in a to-the-knee white skirt with a little “southwestern style” embroidery on the bottom (very understated), a blue tank-style top, white sandals that had little designs on them and were made by Dr. Scholls, and the only thing on my face was my sunglasses–no make up, no lipstick. My hair was a bit messy as I’m growing out the super-short haircut. So, all in all, I looked pretty conservative, I thought – neat, but nothing special.

After we ate at PH, Tommy headed back to the hotel to play some blackjack (he had a trade show to attend later) and I stayed behind to walk around the mall at Planet Hollywood. I stopped in an Aveda shop and bought some things where the cutest girl helped me (and I’m going to write her manager and brag on her) – she said, “You look chic,” and that made me smile — I then headed back to Cesars Palace (more on CP later).

I was just strolling along in my little skirt, my Aveda bag in my hand, when I noticed two gentlemen who looked to be in their sixties walking towards me. One of the men was pointing out things to the other man — either he lives there or had been there before and the other gentleman had not and he was filling him in on Las Vegas. All of a sudden, as we passed each other, he points to me and he says . . . he says . . . ahem . . . he says to the other gentleman about me, “Look, that there is a Call Girl!…”

*WHAT!!!!!!!?????* Oh . . . my . . . Gawd! . . . *laughing* — I didn’t know what to think about that, so I just kept walking, but when I told my brother about it, he burst out laughing, and that became the joke of the days to follow. Everything was, “Well, sister, since you are a call girl, why don’t you…” and “Tommy, since I’m a call girl, I should…” and etcetera. Perhaps I should have been insulted, but I was not. In a strange way, I guess I was a bit flattered, yes? *grin* At least I was a “call girl” and not … not … well anyway: more on that later, too
. . . Haw!! Can you imagine?

Well, I have some photos to share, some videos(not very good ones, but you’ll get the idea), and stories to tell about the trip – I’ll do that in the days to follow.

So, any of you ever mistaken for a Call Girl? Or, anything happen while on vacation, or otherwise, that had you blinking in the headlights saying, “what? huh?” Tell me all about it! *grin*
Now, go do the day, and go by and visit Analisa – she was having a bad day yesterday and I bet would loved to be cheered up. I’ll soon be by to visit, but am feeling the crunch of Rose & Thorn work, my book signing stuff coming up, working on VK2, and general “I just arrived back home after 2 weeks” discombobulations . . .

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  1. LOL, I will take that over being mistaken for my exhusbands mother when we shopped for clothes once. He was younger than me but looked older than his years. LOLI can just hear your brother now, since you are a call girl u pick up the dinner tab. LOL So happy about my win! Thanks again!

  2. That's one of the best stories I've heard in awhile and the wonderful part about it is…it's true-life event! LOL I think I would have been flattered too.

  3. Hi Kathryn. I always enjoy visiting here.Just wanted to let you know that the "bevelled glass window" is a basketball and the "worms" are sea urchin spines.

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