I’ll be coming round to visit when I come . . .

(Photo from Cesar’s Palace outside of Augustus Cafe)

I’m not hanging round here this morning! I’m blog-visiting to catch up on as much as I can of what I missed while in Texas & Vegas. See you soon . . . (PS – Still can’t see my followers list and still can’t see YOUR followers list and can’t find the problem. Apparently other bloggers had this problem and it was resolved; so far, mine has not been . . . boo …to …the …hoo.)

7 thoughts on “I’ll be coming round to visit when I come . . .

  1. yesterday I had problems accessing followers so I could block a marketing 'follower' D… people – maybe follers got overloaded with spam followers, try again now….

  2. Good morning, Kathryn. It's good to see that you're safely back home. I've missed my bloggy friends, so I'm doing the same thing that you are doing – at least until I hear "Are you ready to go?" and I have to scurry to pack up the Turtle.

  3. Blogger was also having some funky issues with comment posting. I love the Ceasar's Palace photos! Thanks for saying Hi!!! Hi backatcha!

  4. Sometimes it happens to me….if I click on the follow all blogs thingy in my reader they come back….but it might be more complicated for you. Cant know :)xxx

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