sadder than sad, bluer than blue…

Isn’t this glass beautiful? I forgot the name of the hotel/casino it was in, but I just thought it interesting. Again, hard to take photos because of position and perspective, but I did want to capture these glass flowers on the ceiling.

No stories today – I will be back later this week maybe with a Vegas story and photos.

I may as well say it: I’m having a sad day. On top of something I feel sad about, is another layer — I’m just missing my old girl Kayla. Tomorrow she’ll have been gone a year. Okay, so, she’s “just a dog” but she was a good and faithful friend and I sure do miss her. Tomorrow I must release her ashes in her favorite places around the cove on my mountain. I thought sure I’d have done that by now, but I didn’t. Tomorrow is when I will do it. I never was one of those dog-lovers who takes their dog everywhere they go, who dresses them in clothing, who lets them sleep in her bed (too big and too hairy *smiling*), who made them into miniature humans: I always wanted to respect that she was a canine, an animal, who she was and who I am were not the same in so many ways even though we understood each other in our ways, and by respecting that, I respected her. She was a dog. I am a human. However, our bond, the bonds with our animal friends and with the critters of the earth, is a strong one….very strong. She was special and beautiful and my friend. A good old girl; a good good friend….

I am just sadder than sad today.


16 thoughts on “sadder than sad, bluer than blue…

  1. Aww hon I'm so sorry!! K am in tears! I'm not one of those folks that treats my pets like children so to speak either…more like treasured friends. I spent the weekend looking at pictures of my old horse – just broke me up. It's been years!! Hang in there and (((((hugs))))).Namaste, Sarah

  2. Oh my, there is no such thing as "just a dog" when it is part of our family. I love my dog & dogs past and understand your feelings. They truly are best friends and wonderful companions. Take care & I'll be thinking of you today.Cheryl

  3. Sarah – sorry about your horse friend…horses are special special creatures, too.Thank you Cheryl…Doreen – I am sorry your friend has been gone, as well…love you too Angie my good sister-friend.

  4. We're like that as well. Our dogs are much loved as our canine family, but canine is the operative word…they are not people. Yet we do love and grieve them as if they were.The glass flowers are by Dale Chihuly and are in the Bellagio. If you are not familiar with his glass artwork, it's worth taking a look at. Check out his Website: and if you ever have a chance to see one of his exhibitions you won't believe your eyes.

  5. I totally understand what you are going through. And I entirely agree with your comments about respecting that dogs and humans are different but capable of mutual understanding.By the way I mention you in my post today.

  6. I'm not a dog owner but I understand that humans and dogs share a special relationship.Thanks for your comment. You sent a wonderful gift to Barry. It was my favourite, by far, of the three he mentioned.

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