Over (blog)hill, over (blog)dell, time to hit the (blogging)trail…

The Book Fair was a success! At least from my perspective it was. I met many authors and writers and readers. I sold more books than I ever expected too – – when I sat down and saw my pile of books before me, I was so afraid that pile would stay there and I thought, “Just let me sell a couple of books, that’s all, please!” For there were over 40 other authors there, some with more than one book published, some who were well-known in this community (and beyond), and with the economy as it is, well, I was just hoping to have a modest amount of books sold. However, my book pile began disappearing! And, at the end of the day I was very happy and surprised with how many Tender Graces made it into the arms of readers….thank you all!

Just as wonderful were the people who came by my table to tell me they’d already read the book and loved it. Made me smile.

The panel, “Women on Writing,” went quite well. That was an aspect I didn’t know what to expect, but it turns out I enjoyed being a member of the panel, despite my initial nervousness (okay, I probably was a bit jittery the entire time!). One person came to me afterwards and said I helped her just by something I said, that it made her feel better about her writing – – what a compliment!

Today I catch up – I’ll be dropping by to say hi on a blogwalk, and I want to get my late ‘friday shoot outs’ of ‘outdoor food’ done; not to mention I still have book club stories and Vegas stories. Lawd!

See you all soon in blogland . . .

12 thoughts on “Over (blog)hill, over (blog)dell, time to hit the (blogging)trail…

  1. Well done Kat! What a lovely feeling that must have been, to see the pile disappearing. I can't wait until Sept has come and gone, we have had one wedding and the second will be over Sept 12th, so will have a few cents left.*Big grin* my birthday is Oct and your book is on my wish list.

  2. I am so glad everything went well. Don't you love those days when you don't know how it will go but leave with more than you ever expected. Ahhh sweet joy it is.Happy Sunday everyone.

  3. Just got back from a lovely trip to the other side of your fine state. I will never catch up on my reading and commenting! Glad to hear the fair was a success.

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