Friday Shoot Outs: Power, where do you get your power? (and our discussions continued)

Power from a mountain sunrise, power from my friends, power from this cove at Killian Knob, power from my writing, power from the ancient quality of these smoky mountains: my town–Maggie Valley in Haywood County, western North Carolina…that’s were I feel my power enter my marrow and settle deep into my bones. There comes power from art, too – like “Spring Fever” from Lorelle Bacon–I stared at this painting for many a day thinking of Virginia Kate coming alive.
I feel my power from nature, from friends, from art, from all of you . . . I could lie upon the north carolina earth and feel the vibration of the mountain and all who are buried beneath….the bones call out to me, “We are real….we are here . . .”

I have two discussions going on this blog that I want to re-visit: The “Labels” or “Names” we place on ourselves or others – and how “the arts” is harder to define, how maybe we must we define ourselves, how our peers or colleagues define us, etc… Very interesting answers! And, further down was the discussion on “Mothers giving up their children . . . ” – I saw where that was labeled a “new trend” – “new trend,” huh? well . . . hmmm. Anyway -that’s another discussion I want to re-visit. As well as some other themes in Tender Graces that interest me that I’ll get to soon! My deadline for VK2 is approaching…..
What defines you? Who defines you? Join in the discussion below. Or, tell me: Do you think mothers are more harshly judged for “giving up their children” than men are? And if so, why?

17 thoughts on “Friday Shoot Outs: Power, where do you get your power? (and our discussions continued)

  1. Lovely pics. Great post.I get my power from God. Most would call it being blessed. Blessed means to empower. I find this in action after prayer. I always feel more alive after praying. When the one who formed the mountains and set the stars in place takes the time to tell me, His NO WHERE NEAR PERFECT child that He loves and cares about me. Wow that gives me power and peace.

  2. Thanks for sharing your power shoot outs. I like all the photos especially the painting. I am excited to see you another set of photos next Friday.

  3. Love the sunset/rise over the mountains – I bet you could fill a book just of the different looks of the mountains around you, and I can see how it empowers you!

  4. Regarding mothers who leave….it is reative, some families are better off with out the mother….but I guess the norm prevails in society still. As for power, I get mine from me. After I remember to take it back from whom I've given it to. Where else does it count? Really….xxxx

  5. Yes, I do think mothers are more harshly judged.What defines me? Hmmm, so many things, but I hope above them all (circumstance, background, wounds, blessings) that I'd be defined by my God and what I believe about Him. Love, Kindness, Gentleness, Power, Hope, all those things I believe in, which stem from the Father I believe in, I'd hope that they define me.But am I already defined? LOL No way. I feel like I'm constantly changing and being remolded, redefined. Hmmm, so maybe there's only absolute definition after we die? LOL! Or maybe my brain is frying with all these deep and soulful thought? :-)

  6. Every day I awake and look at my mountains, I love them. I loved your pics too.My power comes from being so lucky I am alive, I am free to be me.

  7. We have power from your mountains in those rocks you sent. Your pictures are gorgeous! Thanks so much! xoxoi am so many different definitions to so many different people. I am defined by my relationships to others and what I want those friendships to be, I guess. Mothers have harsh expectations but I don't think they are judged harshly. I get my power from Barry. =) I hope your week is wonderful!

  8. I had a conversation with a friend today about not wanting to be put in a box. To me that means not really being defined in any way beyond what exists in the moment. I say that on the verge of a year where I'm leaving my identity as an elementary school teacher to create a new one as a writer.

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