Wake up Maggy-Lou, I know you have a new home to stay!

Well, I’d written an entire post with these photos and somehow deleted it. Dang!
I just looked down and she was looking up at me with her sweet face -made me smile.

The photos with the pink bow are when we first brought her home, without the bow is later and this morning. She’s settling in better than I thought she would! Especially considering how shy and firightened she is of sudden moves and noises – we don’t know if she was abused or what Maggy Lou’s story is – but something isn’t or wasn’t right with this beautiful sweet girl.

Maggy (and I keep writing “Maggie”) is facinated with the “boomers” – the little red squirrels – she can’t get enough of looking at them!
Also she’s done a little twirling dance/jump thing that allows me to see the dog she is meant to be–happy and safe.

I bought her some Iams food (she needs good nutrition to get a shiny coat and for her energy, etc), a food dish, a toy for her and a toy for Fat Lab Jake (Jake ended up with both toys *laughing*) and some treats. She settled herself on one of Jake’s beds, so I guess that is her bed now ….laugh….she is adorable and sweet and I am so glad we brought her home. I also bought her a Halti that I will try tomorrow – she isn’t properly leash-trained and sometimes strains really hard at the leash-which isn’t good for her throat, so the Halti will help leash train her. I’m also slowly slowly working on “commands” – simple ones, like sit and come….not too much, since she needs time to settle in and more important, to feel Safe here. She’s eating, so that’s a good sign, and drinking water, and last night she stayed on Jake’s bed the entire night (I checked on her). All good signs.

Maggy Lou will bring joy to this house, and in return, we will give her a good loving safe home. Fat Lab Jake, once he gave her the once over sniff, AND once he tested Maggy’s boundaries and saw she wasn’t a pushover, fell into step as her Big Brother – when we walked them this morning and something frightened her, she scooted close to his side and stuck there….made me smile.
I am so behind with my deadlines right now – I hope to come around and say hello to you all this evening, but if you do not see me -I will try to get round tomorrow. But, the time I spent away from my obligations to take care of Maggy were well well worth it -and in fact, yesterday, just being with her helped my stress level to calm down about seventy gamillion notches; I needed that.

Maggy Lou is a sweet sweet girl.


16 thoughts on “Wake up Maggy-Lou, I know you have a new home to stay!

  1. Maggy Lou looks like a sweet dog…her little face reminds me of my Sheltie I had, Katie. She is lucky to have found you..I am sure that she is already feeling safe and secure in her new home with her new big brother. She is a beautiful dog, Kat!

  2. What a cutie. She may have been abused, but I read that many people assume dogs who had previous owners were abused, because of the dog's shyness or the way it might cringe at a sudden movement, but the dog is just being naturally wary until it settles in and becomes confident in its new surroundings.

  3. She's adorable! Our oldest dog was abused by his first owner and he is an amazingly loving and loyal part of our family now. He doesn't cringe anymore but if things get too loud he goes off and finds a quiet spot. Patience & love go a long way. Congrats! Sounds like your Maggy has found a good home.

  4. Aw. She's a beauty. And how sweet she and the lab have made friends. Sometimes, I think they understand how lucky they are and what you've done for them. She's a lucky little girl, indeed.

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