Friday Shoot Outs: Incongruous, (Book Give away, and Kat on the Radio Today)

GMR speaks no evil, Kat sees no evil….well, just a little peek is all–maybe not evil as much as weird . . . or incongruous . . .

Jeans that kept their ‘shape’ when slid off while sitting, haw!

isn’t she lovely! isn’t she wunnerfull!

Mary picked this week’s theme, INCONGRUOUS, meaning odd, out of place, not in accord or consistent with something

Some of the photos are from this past spring’s Baton Rouge Spanish Town Mardi Gras Parade. GMR and I visited Baton Rouge. A bunch of us met together at the parade. For me, it was quite overwhelming! Not as overwhelming as Las Vegas, but almost. If you live in a small town as I do, too many people, and noise, and music, and buildings and LOUD LOUD LOUD overwhelms. However, I had a good time. I think you’ll figure out which photos are Mardi Gras – laughing.
This is my Maw Maw – she is the inspiration for the Mee Maw character in Tender Graces. If you read TG, then you know how “crazy” Mee Maw is. I don’t think I need any explanations to this photo. There was no one like my Maw Maw, that’s for sure. Later I want to tell some Maw Maw stories . . . sometimes versions of them end up in short stories or TG/SG.

Flying squirrels are strange creatures, but I think they are beautiful all the same. They give chirpy sounds in the night, and flashes of white as they glide from tree to tree to feeder to tree. Sometimes we have to shake them off the feeder, as we take in feeders at night to keep the coons and bears from destroying them.

good lawd. this bears no description.

Today I’m on the radio with Koren Motekaitis! I hope I don’t babble or screech a guffaw or . . . hmm, I think I’ll shut up so I don’t jinx myself *laugh* I am not sure, but I think you can listen to it by clicking on the How She Really Does It website and there’s an icon you can click on that reads “listen live on 95.7.” It begins at 11:00 Pacific time. Wish me luck that I do well – I sometimes have a hard time on the phone, and this interview will be done via phone.
Also, at the Serenity Gate, Barbara is giving away a copy of Tender Graces, stop by if you want to get in on that!
Now, have a great weekend. I’ll be back next week with more “cleaning up your manuscripts” – ciao!

20 thoughts on “Friday Shoot Outs: Incongruous, (Book Give away, and Kat on the Radio Today)

  1. Now those were some incongruous photos!!! Especially that last guy, or was that a girl, or what was that anyway???Good luck with the radio interview.

  2. Barry listened into your interview more than I did. It's been a crazy week for me. You sounded great even though I only caught snippets!!!!! Thank you for the very touching email, as well. This shoot out far surpasses any incongruous stuff I've come across today. The costumes were very odd and strange in a funny sort of way… especially the last baby shot. Well put together, Kathryn! Hope we'll be seeing you on a television interview soon. =D

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