Deadline Meteor is hurtling to Kat’s Earth

This cartoon made me laugh.

Hi Folks. Today no “Cleaning up our manuscripts” post – I figure perhaps you need a breather, and as well, maybe you can scroll down to the previous posts and catch up, if you like. I’ll be scrolling down my own posts soon to make sure I do my searches for the sneakity sneakers – as many as humanly and humanely possible, right?
As well, I am buckling down hard on Secret Graces, VK book2, as my deadline fast approaches.
Also, I have an author thingee to do today, and on Saturday my speaking engagement with AWE – Kat needs to focus, focus, focus even in the midst of necessary distractions.

Okay, hi-ho, hi-ho, off to work I go . . .

8 thoughts on “Deadline Meteor is hurtling to Kat’s Earth

  1. LOL That is funny!I haven't bought your book yet. I want to, but I'm trying to be responsible with our money *rolling eyes but determined to do it*However, I am most definitely planning on buying TG, which leads me to my question. It'll still be available, right? I mean, it's not out for a few months and then they pull it?

  2. I just listened to part of your podcast interview! Very cool. :-) I wish I had time to listen to the whole thingy. I might check it out one day when I'm procrastinating. *wink*Congratulations though! It was really neat to hear your voice and your talk about some of your background.

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