Forehead Butt Society . . .

The Society To Prevent Forehead Butt Eradication . . . Just Say No To Botoxing Foreheads . . . Wear it Proud! The SIGN of intelligence, creativity, and all around loompadoompadoo!

Yes, it’s time again for Forehead Butt People.

Last time, I wrote to you about forehead butt people being creative, brilliant, all around yippee yi yo kai yay! My last inductoree into the Forehead Butt Society was Stephen King, where I also placed a photo of my own glorious forehead butt.

Today, I present to you: Benjamin Franklin – as you can see, he has a Forehead Butt . . .
If you would not be forgotten, as soon as you are dead and rotten, either write things worth reading, or do things worth the writing. ~ B. Franklin


11 thoughts on “Forehead Butt Society . . .

  1. Found you through Barry. Just ordered Tender Graces from the Belle Books website. (Hope that gives you a better royalty than Amazon.)I wrote an commentary for my local NPR station in praise of WRINKLES! Long live the forehead butt!Looking forward to my package from Belle Books.

  2. Great series! It makes us feel so much better about the annoying wrinkles. I'm thinking of starting a parallel series about brilliant myopics.

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