Forehead Butt Society . . . gone to the dogs!

Yes, it is Sunday and time for The Forehead Butt Society photos.
Today I have chosen our wonderful critter friends and their forehead butts. Look at them! how smart and alert and beautiful they are! They hold their forehead butts with pride.
Our other two inducterees into my forehead butt society were Stephen King and Ben Franklin.

Read about it HERE or the SK link above if you don’t know what the heckles I’m talking about.

I have been searching for women with the SIGN, but alassy and alacky, I can’t seem to find creative, intelligent, all around loomphadoomphadoo women with the Forehead Butt! I think because women hide them, as I certainly always tried to do; that is, until I knew it was a Sign of creativity and all things wonderful and Shazamammamabamma.

Enjoy your Sunday – I hope to be by to visit you all today.


8 thoughts on “Forehead Butt Society . . . gone to the dogs!

  1. I wouldn't normally advocate hiding one's light under a bushel butt in this case I'll make an exception. There was a reason the good lord made Botox. A fringe just wouldn't do the job in cases like these.

  2. Awwwe. Such cute dogs! :) I saw a girl with a forehead butt in a tv episode I was watching, but I can't remember her name. It made me laugh that I thought about it, though, because of your posts. See what you've started?!

  3. Have you done Reese Witherspoon? Seems I've seen a forehead butt on her before. She seems like a pretty sharp person. She's from Nashville, near where I live, so I've known people who knew her growing up. A bit of a snotty spoiled rich girl, but smart, definitely.

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