I’m over at Author Culture today! & City Lights on Saturday!

Hello everyone! I’m a guest over at Author Culture today, where I talk about what we have to do to be writers. Hope you’ll stop by.

Also, this Saturday at 7PM I will be reading/signing Tender Graces at City Lights Bookstore in Sylva, NC. Hope you can come; would love to meet you. We authors need you at our signings: not because we want to sell books (although that’s always cool, too *grin*) but for support; we need your love.

I noticed a question or two in the comments below about punctuation; I will address those tomorrow when I return to “cleaning up our manuscripts.” And, as always, I invite anyone who is an expert to weigh in, tell me I’m wrong, or even better, to tell me I’m a genious (laughing!, okay, kidding -sort of).

See you at Author Culture, and hope to see you at City Lights this Saturday!

10 thoughts on “I’m over at Author Culture today! & City Lights on Saturday!

  1. Have fun at your book signing! I'm off to Las Vegas tomorrow – it's my second trip, but my first one with a big group of friends (and a wedding), so I'm so excited! I can only imagine how dead I'm going to be when we get back next week :)

  2. Punctuation, spelling, typing ARGGG!!!!!You would think some Canadian would have invented a hockey helmet by now that could transmit your thoughts to the page on the screen.See this is why I could never be a writer.All that grammar and spelling sht….did I spell that right?NOW, I think I would make a great censor, "@#$%^%$%"Ah I think I'll just take off and leave a few more typoes around.Oops there's one

  3. Kat's had some unexpected surgery and is doing well. Just wanted to let y'all know she's out of commission, and that's why she hasn't answered comments! Send wellness thoughts and speedy recovery wishes, eh? :)

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