This is GMR speaking for Kat .

Hi, this is Kat’s GMR, she wanted me to log in and let you know that she’s been in the hospital; her appendix was about to burst wide open and luckily she went to the emergency room when she fell ill. They said it was ready to blow and no wonder she was so sick.

Had surgery yesterday, laproscopic so she’ll get back going sooner. She may come home today, but can’t go anywhere for a bit & has to promise to rest….she wanted to still do her signing and even at first asked if they could not do the surgery until after her signing, the doc just laughed at her — he said, ‘this thing has to come out, it’s about to rupture…” she asked, “well what about after the surgery” he shook his head, “no – you hve to rest at least several days after surgery. to be able to come home today, she has to promise to rest – she will, as she’s pretty sore and very tired.

She said to tell you all she misses you,



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  1. oh Kat!! Poor you!!! I'm SO glad you went to the hospital. I know of people who have waited a bit too long and it turned out much more severe with infections etc. Get well soon and you HAVE to rest! Promise! xoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. Aw, GMR, thanks for coming to tell us! It's good to make your acquaintance, I just pity the circumstance. Please tell Kat we're thinking of her. We'll be here when she gets back, no matter how long the rest.*hugs*

  3. Kathryn, look on the bright side: I don't know what an appendix weighs, especially when it's full of stuff ready to burst, but that weight won't show up on your next weigh-in. Seriously, rest up, get well, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to greet fans and sign more books soon.

  4. I am thankful that you seen the doctor in time. I have already prayed for a quick recovery for you and that you would feel much peace over these next days of healing. Bless your beautiful heart and hope you are feeling good soon! Love and hugs, Lori

  5. Rog – Tell Boop her BR tribe is sending up good juju and prayers for a swift recovery. Sooo glad she got the bugger out before it threw a fit and burst! Call/email if ya need anything. (I hope it goes well with you being the care giver to that cranky arse.) LOL

  6. Oh, I just this minute finished Tender Graces and I came in here to RAVE. RAVE. RAVE.I'll wait, but you can pass on the news (if you read the comments) that she has a crazy wild fan who is determined to see TG on the NY Times Best Seller list at the very top. What a powerful, de… oops. I started that rave.Thoughts of comfort to you both.

  7. See, this is what happens when you wear tight panties all the time.Commando, that's the way to go.Unless you're guy then pull up the zipper slooooooowly.I hope you get better soon.Get some rest and the world will be waiting for you when you're ready.

  8. Kat, glad you are still here and breathing! (because you need to write some more books) – you're a trooper -take it easy for a while would you, please! The more you rest in the beginning, the faster your body will heal!

  9. Roger, you truly are a Good Man. Thank you for coming in to let us know about Kat's operation. Give her a very gentle hug for me, please, and tell her repeatedly that trying to do too much too soon will slow her healing, so she should obey the doctor and take it easy. You may also tell her that if she doesn't be good, I will send her numerous letters just crammed with, comma splices. S.

  10. Thanks for the update Roger. Please remind Kat that today is International Talk Like A Pirate Day and she would only be allowed to write Virgina Kate's dialogue in pirate if she were home. And that would never do.So she can just relax in the hospital and take care of her self.Arrrrrrr!

  11. Appendectomy Schmappendectomy!All this lazing about just so the hubby dotes on you for a while. Tsk. Tsk.Did you know the appendix was thought to have been useful early on to help with the digestion of complex thingies like shoots and leaves? (I thought you’d appreciate that reference.) It’s thought to be full of bacteria that protect other good bacteria that the colon manufactures to help babies break down their poop. Now it’s no longer needed, except as transplanted tissue in the urinary tract, to rebuild a sphincter muscle and to reconstruct a functional bladder. While I’m being useful, let me assist you with the other major question you’re having at the moment.Aside from being considered a clear liquid and containing sugar, are you aware that eating Jello is a good way to strengthen bones? Neither did I. Our wiggly friend is very high in collagen. Vegetarians are aware of this because they don’t consume animal protein and dairy products. On top of all of that, collagen is used to minimize wrinkles. So feel free to smear it on your face. I hope I made you smile. Feel better and all that.

  12. HI y'all! Thank you so much – and Charlie – yes, it makes me laugh and stop it – it HURTS TO LAUGH _ yes, that old saying is true, laughing ow laughign ow ow ow llaughing ow ow ow – stop! And I'm reading some other funnies, too – – y'all stop….ow….Last night I tried to watch some TV and funniest videos came on and I had to stop watching it because it hurt to laugh….huhn….I'm plumb wore out….love to you all…

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