To Kat’s Friends

This is Good Man Roger,
She wanted me to step in and let you know she had to have emergency surgery on Thursday-after feeling ill for a time, she finally went to the emergency room at 2:30 AM  Thursday morning-  they did tests and it was her appendix about to rupture. They hurriedly did laproscopic surgery and now she’s recuperating; however, there will be no signing tonight at City Lights – doctor’s orders. They’ve let her come home but only with promises to behave herself and rest for a few days.
She’ll return in good form soon as she rests a bit. She’s already asked me to set up her laptop so she can work on her book while in bed, so sooner may come sooner than later . . . but, I’m hoping she’ll rest more.

4 thoughts on “To Kat’s Friends

  1. And also my best wishes for a speedy recovery. It seems as though everything else she does is speedy, so just recommend to her to follow her usual pattern.Peace, Doc

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