Hi Y’all! I’m much better!

Thanks for the well-wishes! *smiling* I’m feeling much better and have been working like the dickens(no pun intended, teehee) on Secret Graces.
I wrote about my fun time on the TG blog – wheeee…..
I appreciate you all – sorry I’ve been out of the loop visiting lately; please know it’s only because of my deadline zooming closer and closer, faster and faster. I have so much less time to write the second book than the first, so I am focusing all my attention there.
And if you ever have a bellyache that won’t go away and/or gets worse, don’t ignore it like stupid me did – get it checked out!
It’s raining and raining here . . . everything is wet. How about your place?
Well, next stop: Siba Trade Show this weekend -I’m resting up so I’ll be in good form.
Then it’s the Louisiana Book Festival in October.

4 thoughts on “Hi Y’all! I’m much better!

  1. Kat, glad to see you are up and about some. The appendix is suposed to be in the back of the book not the front cover. Take care and have a great weekend.

  2. Dear Kathryn, Good to know that you are on the mend. Please try not to over do. I know easier said than done.As ever be well

  3. The way the weather looks lately, you better get a motorboat to get to your signing events! LOL Maybe take a yellow slicker so they can spot you when the trade shows and book festivals send out the search and rescue. All this rain is getting scary!

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