Friday Shoot Out: Study of a Building

I was in Las Vegas this summer with my brother, Tommy. As I’ve said, everything was so much THERE, so big, so loud, so crowded, so MUCH. So, even the mall was as if another world with huge statues, stores with shoes and clothes and purses I would be shocked to see the prices of, restaurants, salons, and more more more and more! Our little Asheville Mall is like a mom and pop store compared to the malls in Las Vegas; I wonder how many of my little Asheville Malls could fit inside these Mall Cities of Vegas. I could be wrong, but I do believe most if not all these photos come from the Bellagio mall “next door” to where we stayed at Cesar’s Palace (I took the photo of the Bellagio building from our hotel window).

Again, the photos aren’t as I’d like them to be-it’s the “perspective,” — the BIG of everything, the crowds – difficult to snap photos that I would be satisfied with. Mostly, I just walked around and held up my camera and clickity clicked without a care in the world.

Friday Shoot Outs are supposed to be “our town” and what sometimes happens is I haven’t left my little log house to take photos since I’m working hard on Secret Graces manuscript, unless they are nature inspired from my cove or surroundings. We do have buildings, laughing, but I didn’t get to one to take photos and hate to miss another FSO, so, Las Vegas will have to do!

28 thoughts on “Friday Shoot Out: Study of a Building

  1. You captured it beautifully. I love that place. Isn't it just awesome? Makes me want to pack my bags and head to Vegas again. I don't think I have enough money in my piggy bank, though.Did you see "Love" while you were in Vegas? The best show I have ever seen.

  2. I recognized Caesar's Palace right away. Your photos are great. It's nice seeing all the glam and glitz from someone else's perspective. I live in Las Vegas and I rarely go down to the strip. I thought about taking photos of one of the casinos but decided to go a different route. Good shoot-out.

  3. I know many people who would love to call Vegas "home" Kathryn.The photos were amazing and you certainly captured the heroic size of the place.

  4. I went to Vegas 10 years ago for my cousin's wedding. I was completely awestruck by how BIG it is. You would look down the strip and think Oh I could walk there in like 5 minutes and it was really like 2 miles up. I love Caeser's too inside! :O)

  5. I have never been to Vegas – (except throught CSI :) ) but have been to italy about 10 times, loved seeing your photos of the mall and saying that is SO roman looking. amazing replicas.

  6. These pictures are over the top and are screaming of Vegas opulence. I love how you were able to capture the overwhelming sense of huge proportion. A wonderful shoot Kathryn. Thank you.

  7. OooOOOo! Vegas! I love Vegas, but I love coming home even more. It's fun for a few days, but having to be in that constant noise day in and day out would be overwhelming. Great pictures!!

  8. Wow – Vegas must be one amazing place. Your photos definitely do it justice, since I have never been there, and immediately guessed these were taken in Vegas!Well done.:)

  9. I've never been there but it sure does look bigger than life! Thanks for participating even if it isn't your town. Or your mountain :)

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