Moon-shine over Maggie Valley

Here in the cove at Killian Knob, as the evening comes, the full moon shining out over sweet Maggie Valley, while standing on my porch, and breathing in the crisp clean air, I heard over the singing of the creek the owl who made her home close by, and the hoo hoo hoo HOO hoo hoo hoo HOO . . . the lights in the valley below are just beginning to glow where leaves and growth have thinned and Owl will fly to find her supper, her beautiful head swiveling in gorgeous completions.

While standing on my porch, where every once in a while the loud smarting THWACK of a walnut from the walnut tree smacks the roof, sending small critters running, I said to the moon: hello, I’ve been waiting for you. The moon sent a moonbeam to touch my head and in that touch for that one small moment, I knew what it was all about, then it slipped away and I was once again just a woman without any answers standing on her porch in the coming dark.

There is mystery to the mountains, a knowledge hidden and secret and true. Bold and important they rise up as they have for long long and longer. And since their eruption up up up from the earth, they have since been weathered down, and trod upon, but never tamed, even when those who would try to tame them came calling.

And the woman who is me takes in the moments, standing on her porch, with Moon-shine spilling and Mountain and owl and valley and creek.

14 thoughts on “Moon-shine over Maggie Valley

  1. Don't you just love those moon moments, Kat? Your post, the mood of it, reminds me of me and the sea. Although I am a sea level sort of person, and one who needs the smell of salt air to feel truly at home, I recognize and appreciate your love affair with your mountain. Love is love. Home is home.

  2. So centering, calming and peaceful Kathryn – both your words and images. I, too, have experienced those mystical moments when graced by nature's touch we merge with the whole. Then the moment shifts and as you say we are aware of our time, place and personhood – and the magic, though ever present, slips away.Enough of these moments and we are no longer distressed by the slipping away – knowing we will access it again – usually by the grace of nature's sweet kiss.

  3. Maybe it's synchronicity but if it is, it's of the beautiful type. Whilst admiring your photos I had a lovely full moon here and the wonderful Portuguese fado singer Mariza on my stereo. Perfect. Many thanks.Greetings from London.

  4. Very lyrical and reflective post, Kat. The moon may just be a rock in space, but when she sails our skies. she's our mystical connection to the Universe.

  5. I know those mountains! I love those mountains – they feel more like home to me than here. Here, it rained all day and I didn't set foot outside my door once. Here I could not see a moon, even when the rain had blown itself out and the lights of suburbia flickered off.

  6. Ah, the beauty of a full moon! We had a lovely moon here too, touching the treetops with its silvery light. And it was just warm enough to bundle up and go for a walk to our favorite coffee shop.

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