I Interrupt this Blog with a Special Bulletin! Wilson has been found!

Who could forget that terrible haunting poignant scene when a be-bearded and lean Tom Hanks cried out: “Wilson? Wilson! Willlllsonnnnnnn! I’m sorry Wilson *sob* I’m sorrrrryyyyyyyyyyyy….. WILLLLLLL iil iill illl soo ah-ah-ah onnnnnnnnnn WI I-il I-il I-ill soo ah-on ah-onnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn! *SOB*! WILLLSONNNNNNNNNNNNN!”

And poor Wilson just floated off in the South Pacific.

Well, he has been found! In our own Western North Carolina mountains, Haywood County, Lake Junaluska! Washed up by the recent deluge rain. How he made it here is anyone’s guess . . . oh the stories Wilson could tell!

Now, sadly, he’s been on the skids – as evidenced by the empty whisky bottle, the filth he’s living in . . . and it seems he tried to alter his appearance and change his name; but! we know this is our Wilson, and perhaps the restorative nature of our Great Smoky Mountains will enable Wilson to bounce back to his former self. Perhaps he will help clean up the mess he and others have made to the beautiful lake.
Oh happy day! Wilson has been found.

We will return to our regularly scheduled blog posts later . . .
(PS -two things I forgot–first! Angie Ledbetter and I want to post again our Shop with our Online Artists and Artisan friends (and our local community vendors, booksellers, etc!). Check out her site, and also, here is the LINK to my blog post that lists places we can do our holiday, or any other kind of, shopping!

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16 thoughts on “I Interrupt this Blog with a Special Bulletin! Wilson has been found!

  1. Funny! I always thought it was touching that he brought another ball when he was back in the states and it was in his car as he rode off. I guess he feared being alone again.Sounds like Wilson needs counseling :)

  2. Katherine, 2 things…1.) bounce back… too clever!B.)In a former life, about 20 years ago, I owned an independent bookstore (murder mysteries specialty). It is a wonderful business, I expanded, and was able to sell out pre-monster monster bookstores. Anyone still able to survive financially in this climate should be applauded and rewarded. Thanks for your efforts on their behalf.

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