Another peek at little NOrah Kathryn in Daddy’s arms, & Forehead Butt Society

Daniel, Sarah, and little Norah Kathryn….yes, I am turning into “one of those” who keeps posting photos of her new granddaughter *laughing*

Forehead Butt Society Inductoreenee: Charles Dickens! Who has a double forehead butt, but I guess he can be a part of our prestigeeoose soocietry of forehead butters. Down with Botox! Show The Sign of creativity and all things whoompa loompa doodly doo, as Granny Kat does, by loving your Forehead Butt!

I have company on the mountain in the cove at our little log house – GMR’s sister and friend are here until tomorrow, so I hail a hello and a hurry up and gotta go *MUWAH* – I am so so so loving the comments – Yes, I am a proud Granny Kat! Isn’t she adorable – teeheehe in her little halloween cap, sleeping on Daddy’s chest.

I lifted this from Gumbo Writer’s blog – A photo of Angie, Me, and Cynthia at the Louisiana Book Festival! :) You can barely see my Forehead Butt (unless you click on it to enlarge) but it is there!


12 thoughts on “Another peek at little NOrah Kathryn in Daddy’s arms, & Forehead Butt Society

  1. Nora Kathryn is gorgeous. Keep on posting pictures of her, and don't worry about being one of THOSE grandma's! That's part of the grandma role!

  2. Yes do keep posting the pics of the baby. I don't care what kind day I am having seeing baby pics make me smile.Anyway it is your responsibility as a grammie. :)

  3. Forehead butt… do you mean how our foreheads have two lumps? LOL It's midnight, I'm not sure how to phrase it, so sorry. So… is this supposed to mean people with those are smarter? LOLBeautiful granddaughter Kat!

  4. Great inductee into the FBS!!! Down with Botox forever! But I have to admit, I did not give Mr. Dickens his due. My scrolly finger kept twitching the screen back up to that sweet, beautiful Norah Kathryn…Just couldn't help myselfsmiles-P

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