Catching up, more photos of little one, and who is doing NANOWRIMO?

GMR’s sis and friend left this morning. So now I must catch up!
Catch up on Secret Graces manuscript.
Catch up on emails.
Catch up on the Rose & Thorn Journal (if you haven’t been by, go take a peek and let us know what you think).
And catch up to do on how I was posting about my Louisiana Book Festival trip to Baton Rouge.
And of course, looking at bunches of Norah Kathryn’s photos! I can’t wait until my trip to Oregon to see her, and Daniel and Sarah. December can’t come soon enough.
So, while I am catching up, I leave you with a few more photos(above), and I will return to my regularly scheduled posts tomorrow *smiling*
I wonder – what do you need to catch up on? Do you have deadlines looming that have you a bit nervous? Or are you smoooothhing your way to deadlines or accomplishments?
Also, any of you doing Nanowrimo? I’ve never done it, but I have written a novel in 30 days a few years ago – it was the coolest thing ever! I had no limits, no boundaries; I just wrote for the joy of writing. I am curious to see who out there is doing NANO and where you are in your word count… GO GO GO!!! Tell me how you are doing!

14 thoughts on “Catching up, more photos of little one, and who is doing NANOWRIMO?

  1. AWWWW… more cuteness! Keep those pics coming.No Nanowrimo for me. I find it too limiting. I'm also not doing something called NanaBlomo, which I take it has something to do with blogging. First I heard of that…

  2. I did Nanowrimo to start my novel. It was a good lesson in valuing my writing time. I didn't realize how far down on the totem pole *I* was in my own set of priorities.That big ol' car seat just swallowed up that little bit of preciousness! Keep the photos coming!hugs-P

  3. How cute is that little halloween costume!Aren't babies just the greatest little inventions ever!? I can't imagine doing NANO in November. It's the busiest month of the year for me. So, no way NaNo.As for me catching up.. it'll be more like backpeddling for the rest of the year.

  4. Oh, dear, yes I'm doing Nano-banana. Last year was my first time. Did finish! This year will be harder. I'm going to see my grandkids (keep those darling pics coming) and then there's Thanksgiving–but I've started, and have my idea….gulp….

  5. I am always behind on something but have for the most part learned to "let go" and relax a little bit better as I have aged. Sometimes, I work better under pressure other times, not so much.Love the pictures of your grand daughter in that halloween outfit! So sweet. I am sure you can hardly wait to go visit them!

  6. I am doing NaNo – 3,992 words so far. Of course, I'm not doing NaNo right now. I'm procrastinating, instead – but I have written 984 words today, while ostensibly working for a living. As soon as I come down to earth, I'll go to My Writing Nook and blather on for an hour or so about Bridget and her family.You have the cutest little grandbaby!

  7. Cutest punkin ever! Look at all that glorious dark hair. Shaaaaaa t bebe! I'm on the #NonoNano list (as I've seen in Twitter). As for getting caught up…maybe we should both buy a huge bottle of Ketchup and spread it arond? :)

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