The coons come calling – how was your evening?

How was your evening? Did you accomplish what you wanted to from your day yesterday? or was it like mine, where you felt as if you spun your wheels in a big ole mound of sand-throwing sand all over and not doing much of anything else!

This is Sarah’s mom holding Norah Kathryn after her first bath – she has a mohawk *laughing* – I can’t wait to hold her. ….
Last night I snapped some photos from my porch. It was an almost full moon – the coons came to eat from the squirrels feeder and our dogs were going nuts – but as you can see, the raccoons couldn’t care less! haw! First one, then the other, came to eat-ignoring even big Jake’s scrabbling on the porch railing.

I just liked the way this one came out….moon and chimes were the only things that showed up when I snapped a pic of our cove.
I have so much to do – so, I’m going to get busy this morning — after I have one more cup of Deep Creek Blend. Need to get busy on Rose & Thorn (submissions nuggets!) and need to complete my edits on Secret Graces. If I want to spend good grandbaby time in Oregon next month, I best get my arse in gear! lawd!

So, tell me about your evening – what did you see when you looked out of your window, or stood on your porch, or looked out of your front door?

By the way – Small Footprints is putting up links to Winter Shopping Extravaganza on her Reduce Footprints blog – go by and check it out. She is mostly focusing on handmade items – go see! I’ll be putting up the links to our blogging community shopping in the next few days.


14 thoughts on “The coons come calling – how was your evening?

  1. I once wrote a poem about a brand new grandbaby smelling just right and a faraway gramma's empty useless arms. I just know your arms are trying to reach all the way across the country to hold that beautiful little girl.hugs-Patience

  2. Oh … Nora Kathryn is getting big so fast (amazing that at this very young age they change so quickly) … love the Mohawk! :)Oooh … I love Raccoons! They are so cute … and your pictures are wonderful! Yeah … I know they can be destructive but … they are such cute little guys!Thanks for the Winter Shopping plug … hope all your readers stop by and join the fun!Have a great day!Small Footprints

  3. Oh, I bet your Black Lab was going nuts over those coons! Brave little creatures and cute, too. And Norah Kathryn is so adorable!I saw the waning full moon out over the Bayou Vermilion. It was a beautiful sight!

  4. Thanks for the pics, I haven't had any coons around for ages. The moon was huge and bright last night. First bath *awwwww*!! So many exciting firsts to come. My grandkids live too far away to!! Thank goodness for digital cameras!!!!!

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