It’s Monday: What are you Reading?

From J. Kaye’s Book Blog: If you decide to participate in It’s Monday! What are you reading?, be sure to post a link to [J. Kaye’s blog] on your blog. That way others can find their way [t]here and join in the fun.

So, What am I reading? I just completed “Long Story Short,”
Flash Fiction by Sixty-five of North Carolina’s Finest Writers. This was a wonderful collection of short shorts that I read in just a few gulps and thoroughly enjoyed -and it felt great supporting my North Carolina writers! The book was edited By Marianne Gingher . . .

. . . And now I am reading Blogger Patience Coale Renzulli’s fun book “Mama Pajama Tells a Story .” I ordered this from her link provided from our “shop and support our Blogging Community” links that I’ll be putting up again soon (or you can visit by clicking the above link). I want to do more shopping, but my first purchase had to be a book.

About “Mama Pajama . . . ” How about a book FULL of short stories all about how much we love our dogs. Funny stories and a few that may bring a tear. SIGNED and PERSONALIZED! OH what a PERFECT GIFT!!!

Now, it’s Monday . . . WHAT ARE YOU READING? . . .


15 thoughts on “It’s Monday: What are you Reading?

  1. Well you sprung this on me and caught me reading a mystery novel, "All The Colours Of Darkness" by Toronto author, and York University Professor, Peter Robinson.This is now a long, long series featuring the life and loves and work of British DCI Alan Banks and DI Annie Cabot.And I confess, I'm addicted.

  2. Those both look like good reads. I love short stories for packing around in the car with me. I've got my nose in Dan Brown's "The Lost Symbol" at the moment, but I'll be tossing that baby in a heartbeat the moment TG arrives :)

  3. Pat Schneider's Writing Alone and With Others – it's amazing. I'm reading it as a reader and a writer and a teacher and I'm being satisfied at all levels.

  4. I'm reading, This is your Brain on Joy, by Dr. Earl Henslin. Very interesting research. (Also trying to incorporate it into my nano novel.)Hey, stop by, I have an award for you.

  5. I'm reading Barbara Kingsolver's new novel, "The Lacuna." I had to interrupt my reading to do a little research on Trotsky's exile in Mexico. I am really enjoying it, but it is not your usual Kingsolver novel. If you read it, don't expect another "Poisonwood Bible."

  6. Oh Sweet Kathryn, Thank you for the shout out! *muwah* back at you! I just finished Eli the Good, by Silas House. Now I'm finishing Wish You Well, by David Baldacci – it was a gift from the college where I did my reading/signing. (Coincedentally it's about a young girl in Appalachia, not as good as Tender Graces, though, sorry Mr. Baldacci!) And I've started Olive Kitteridge, which I was supposed to have finished for yesterday's book club meeting…thanks again-P

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