The Mystery of the Apple Tree . . .

I am a woman who loves science, but I see science in ways both concrete, logical, and mysterious. There are simply things that cannot be explained here on Earth and in the Beyond. Science tries to explain the why’s and where’s and what’s and who’s and when’s—but sometimes Science acknowledges there is no answer, even if they’ll continue to search for it. And that is the area, the black hole area, the distant galaxy unfound area, the far and away unknown area, the infinity that can’t be imagined area—those things—are what grab our attention and allow us to dream and imagine.

Last summer when my old girl Kayla (Fat Dog) died, I grieved mightily. It was unexpected, even though she was getting old, she’d been so healthy. Still, the cancer inside her hid from us, and by time it was detected, it was too late. She went down fast. But, don’t want to talk about that, what I want to talk about is the strange thing that happened that GMR and I can’t figure out the why’s.

Kayla was an apple-loving fool! She adored her apples. I could not pick up an apple without her running up to me, ooooooing out a “Mine! All MINE! GIVE THAT APPLE TO ME –MINE!” If I wanted to eat an apple, I best have one for her or there was doggy sadness abounding and lots of huffing and “dog harumphing.” Jake, (Not Quite Fat Dog) learned to love apples, too. So, each night, for their treat, they’d get apple. Also note that Kayla had a favorite “first stopping place” when we’d take her and Jake for their mountain cove walk—it was at the end of the driveway, in a certain spot, where she’d sniff and pee and general dog doodly doo.

After Kayla died, Jake would not touch another apple and still won’t. It was immediate. He refuses. I suppose he links apples with his good friend Kayla, who he grieved over mightily as his owners did.

Now, here is the strange we can’t figure this thing. After the apple-loving Kayla died, maybe a few weeks or so, we took Jake down the driveway, and there, in that spot where Kayla loved to stop first, were bunches of apples. Apples everywhere, all over the ground, and when we looked up, there was a tree full of apples. So what? You may say, WNC has apples.

Yes. True. But the thing is, we’ve lived here for five years and never ever never saw not one apple—in fact, didn’t even know there was an apple tree up there. Kayla died one year ago this July, and we’ve also not seen an apple since. None. Nada. That apple tree that we didn’t know existed only produced one batch of apples in near-five years—and that was right after our apple-loving good old girl Kayla, Fat Dog, died.

Now. Why do you suppose that is? Is it tree that only shows its fruit once in a blue moon? Complete coincidence? What?

All I know is I was filled with wonder, and with a sad joy to see those apples. And also, with a feeling of the mysteries of our Universe.

Have a wonderful weekend. I’m off to Asheville to have lunch with author Joan Medlicott – we’ve been talking about this for months and have finally made time to meet.

Do you have any mysteries to tell?

Find your mysteries.

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Norah Kathryn after her bath *smiling*

16 thoughts on “The Mystery of the Apple Tree . . .

  1. Sorry about your Kayla. I am often amazed by the mysteries and wonders of animals and of the universe. So much can't be explained.. gives us a lot to think about if we're receptive to it :)

  2. That's so wonderful! I love that there are unexplained things, that God creates wonders that are beyond my knowledge.I'm glad you have that beautiful reminder now. :-)

  3. Thank you for sharing this. I lost my boy three years ago and still think of him every day. What a wonderful mystery you found. May there be many more.

  4. You remind me that the mystery of existence is so much more interesting and beautiful than the entrenched certitudes gripping so many spiritual belief systems. Thank you for doing that. Sometimes the roar of their noisy voices drowns out my confidence in the reality you describe so tenderly in this great post.

  5. What a great story. I think things happen every day around us, but we are too busy or don't have the time to see. Your picture of Norah, is a miracle, just like my grandkids. Who knew the love would be so great for them? That's a God miracle.

  6. What a great story and a lovely gift from your old dog to your less old dog. I think life is full of these mysteries if we're open. Have a great weekend.Baby Norah is yummy!

  7. Awwwww Baby Boop is adorable. As for the apples, it doesn't matter what caused it to happen, just that it did. :) Maybe it was those prayers to St. Francis to bring kayla to his animal paradise. hehe

  8. I hold firm to the belief that when humans developed their spoken language, they lost much of the ability to communicate truth.I think that you received a great big wag and a smile from your sweet Kayla.What a marvellous story.(How is it possible that Norah Kathryn is getting even more precious? Thank you for keeping those photos coming!)

  9. Fascinating story! What struck me as strange is that Jake wouldn't eat any more apples. That is incredible!Hope you're having a fun weekend! Your grand-baby is precious!

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