Forehead Butt Society: Robert De Niro . . .

Today’s Inductoroonee into the Forehead Butt Society was suggested by Susan at A Walk in My Shoes. Thank you, Susan!
Down with Botox! Let’s love the face we’re in. You gonna ask De Niro to get rid of his Forehead Butt? Go head, try it . . .

Yes, the ever-intense, ever-talented Robert De Niro has a Forehead Butt. Which means he can be a member of the most wonderful on high, The List of creative, intelligent, gifted, talented Forehead Butters, of which of course, I am President and all Powerful Appointeererer.

You lookin’ at him? You lookin’ at Him? You lookin’ at HIM? Well, yes, we are lookin’ at him–but don’t stare too long, lest you go blind in his intensity. Look at those eyes – behind them lies a man to be reckoned with! A man with thoughts and ideas and characters and emotions and memories and experiences stomping and running and jumping and playing and flying all about that wonderful brain of his.

Now, have a wonderful Sunday. I’ll be posting soon about my Community Coffee experience, and as well, will post about the contest to win some coffee and a travel mug.

I leave you with sweet Norah Kathryn. . .

15 thoughts on “Forehead Butt Society: Robert De Niro . . .

  1. A fine inductee to the Society. And if I ever meet Mr. Nero I will be congratulate him on being a member of the Forehead Butt Society.Or….On second thought….Maybe I'll leave the privilege up to you.

  2. So funny, sha! If he only knew that he was inducted into such a prestigious group! The little babe is starting to look more and more like her Granny every day! :)

  3. De Niro is tops! He still creeps me out when I watch "Cape Fear" for the umteenth time. AND, he sooo good at comedy roles, too.Beautiful baby girl!xoxo

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