Youngest Reader of TG, Forehead Butt Society, Signings & Plays . . .

The youngest reader of TG! *laugh* this is Terry Rollins’s grandson – Terry was one of the authors at the signing yesterday (author of Married to the Military – and she has told me that anyone who wants a copy of her book, please be the first to leave a note in the comments telling me you want a copy and Terry will get it in the mail). So, he reads, gets a little treat, has an angel come by and touch her light, then puts down the book with a contented sigh of happiness, teeheehee.

Today my respectful Forehead Butt Society shout out goes to Frank McCourt, who recently left behind this old world, at least in body. He is a double forehead butter, and just look at that face . . . look at those eyes, tell me they don’t speak of warmth. I like that face. Welcome, Mr. McCourt into my down with Botox society of Forehead Butters.

I was gone all day yesterday to Greenville, South Carolina for the group author book signing and a fun time was had by all. There was a two-page spread about the event in the Greenville Journal that we appreciated. The booksellers of As The Page Turns and The Book Gallery were wonderful – very nice accommodating women who made our stay in their stores quite lovely. I met some fabulous readers, and laughed, grinned, talked about Tender Graces and life and family, and I know that TG is in the hands of beautiful readers – It’s a special feeling imagining people holding my words and reading…I hope they enjoy!

I have much to catch up on today, including coming ’round to visit you all, so you should see me later today knocking at your blog doors.

I’ve had my mountain walk, ate biscuits with coffee, watched Sunday Morning, and read the paper GMR fetched from down the valley.

By the way, speaking of GMR, I so enjoyed the Hallelujah Girls at Asheville Community Theater on Friday night, opening night — what a halarious play! GMR played a momma’s boy who was a bit of a goofball -*laugh* – Brava to the cast!

I am hoping to have my Community Coffee talk tomorrow.

So, biscuits eaten, coffee drank, paper read, Sunday Morning watched. Ahhhhh. What are your Sunday rituals?


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  1. I would love to have a copy of Terry Rollins's book, Kat. I'll be looking for something special to read when NaNoWriMo is over.Thanks for visiting The Turtle and encouraging me!

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