Once Upon A Time in a Land Up High . . .

Once upon a time, in a land up high, there lived a Queen. This Queen’s King was on a trip to a mysteriously eerie swamp-land called South Louisiana. Whilst the King was away, the Queen danced and sang and had no fingerprints, dribbles, and the entire bedchamber was hers and hers alone. Then, came the morning when the Queen looked upon her larder in the Frigidaire, and noticed there were no more greens, there was no more grapefruit juice, and on the royal counter, there were no more apples, and in the most high royal pantry, there were no more Cheerios and Cocoa Pebbles. The Queen, in a panic, summoned her minions, but realized she had no minions, just two fat lazy dogs who, by the way, were almost out of their royal pain dog food!

The Queen fretted and moaned and gnashed her teeth. Where did these wondrous and nutritional items come from if not from minions? Surely they did not just appear out of the misty mountain air? The Queen sat her quite shapely for her age rump upon her stately throne and thought and thought, and the thoughts became more thoughts, and those thoughts went off into tangents of thoughts until her brain squeezed and she had to blink and give her head a shake and pronounce, “Where were art I?” Then, she recollected her mind, and sighed, “Yes, my larder is bare. I have none of the precious foodstuffs that I daily enjoy.” Then with a start, a horrified, “Augh!” The Queen also realized there was soon to be no more Charmin to be had in the Land of Mountains.

“Oh, Oh, whatever will I do?” The Queen sobbed. She paced the little log royal castle, wringing her royal hands. Then, it came to her, how these things suddenly appeared to the royal homestead. The King! Yes! The King went to the village and pillaged the Ingles Supermarket and brought forth his bounty for the Queen’s enjoyment so the Queen never had to leave her mountaintop. The Queen pondered and pontificated and gasped and ballyhooed. And when the King returned from his quest from the wet mooshy land of yore, she ran to him and rained upon his face kisses, and said, “My King! My King! Get thee to Ingles quickly, for my cupboard is bare!” And the King set off without complaint, off to the village to pummel and plunder for his Queen. And his Queen was ever so ever grateful, even if she sometimes doesn’t show the King thusly so. The End.

(this is just a silly thing from a YOG post I did – Angie, Barb, Nannette, and Patresa all had a great time with our Year of Gratitude. It’s been over for some time now, but I thought I’d revisit some of the posts from time to time…)

Enjoy Your Weekend – and thank someone who does those little, or not so little things, for you that you hate doing. We have snow and winter weather warnings, so I’m all snuggled in. See you all in a few days! I’m feverishly working on Secret Graces and on Rose & Thorn business.


16 thoughts on “Once Upon A Time in a Land Up High . . .

  1. This is a delightful tale. You gave me just enough detail to see vividly. Ah, I must thank my king now for bringing home the pay which allows his queen to buy the food.

  2. I just know that there is an incredibly deep meaning behind this story. Perhaps even an explanation of love itself. On the other hand, I grew hungry just reading it! (and smiled a lot, of course)

  3. a very cute story Kat! but alas, I have no king, nor a knight or prince. what shall I do? I must be strong and do the plundering for myself. have a great week!!

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