Brief Check In

Hi Y’all! I’m on my daughter in law’s computer – just checking in quickly. Still in Portland and will be here thru the 5th. I missed it but GMR stayed home on the mountain and was snowed in for a few days – the most snow we’ve ever had since we lived there at 10-12 inches and then no electricity for a couple of days! Wow!

Norah Kathryn is wonderful – have pictures I’ll be downloading when I arrive home – don’t want to think about leaving right now, though.

I have a poem at The Nervous Breakdown :-)

Oops…Norah Kathryn is up – Granny Kat to the rescue

Hope all of you who celebrate it had a wonderful Christmas — see you soon.


6 thoughts on “Brief Check In

  1. I went to see your poem, and I liked it a lot. I also like that we don't have any snow here on the island – except what's left in a few piles at the edges of parking lots. We're off to Vancouver tomorrow to have a belated Christmas with the grandbabies, and we're hoping that the snow stays away at least until we get home again. Then, if it snows, I'll just stay home and look at pictures of my grandbabies and yours!

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