Creepy Comic, Littlest Tender Graces Reader . . .

My newest reader: Little Norah Kathryn! It looks as if she can’t put it down, right? *laughing*
Granny Kat bought little Norah Kathryn her first sunglasses – since I’m a sunglasses fool, I thought I’d get her started *teeheeheee*

This family circus comic creeped me out! usually this comic is so sweet and innocent and syrupy, but I still like reading it and going “awwww” -but this one made me go “eyewwww!” I mean….eyewww! creepy!

Teehee :-)

made me laugh!

I haven’t been able to do my forehead butt inductoreenes in a while . . . I happen to dislike clowns–*shudder*–, but this still is kind of funny.

I have finished my trailer for Secret Graces! I asked Bellebooks if I could create the trailer myself this time, and they said, Of course. It was an interesting and very time-consuming process, but I did it.

We also have a cover. As soon as everything is for sure ready to go, I’ll post it here and I hope you like it *smiling* Now I am doing a couple of tweaky things to Secret Graces – we’re in the “editing and polishing and trailering and cover and all that jazz” last minute things – soon galley proofs and writing the dedication and acknowledgments (which this time my acknowledgments will not be war and peace sized *laugh* . . . I can’t be thanking even the post man this time *haw*) and Secret Graces recipes, and on we go.

My good friend and literary genius Mary Ann Ledbetter is doing the Reader’s Guide again – she did the Tender Graces reader’s guide and I couldn’t have asked for a better one – a more insightful one. If you are an author and need a Reader’s Guide, Mary Ann would be a wise choice.

Now, go have a nice Monday everyone!

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  1. Oh, that first photo is priceless! She looks exactly like she's reading every word, and avidly at that.Clowns? Why are they so scary?Good luck with all the forthcoming, final, preparations.

  2. Kat, I went into Borders here in Kailua the other day to replenish my holiday book supply. While I was there, I said to the sales clerk "Do you by any chance have Kathryn Magendie's book, Tender Graces?" She looked it up on the computer, told me they didn't have it in stock, but they could get it. "You should get it and keep it in stock," I said. "It's fabulous! I know you would love it." (This lady and I had already been discussing books, so I did know she would love it.)Just doing my bit –

  3. I don't think you can ever start too early with reading and it looks like the little one agrees! Thanks for sharing the pictures and the comics! Thoughts are with you while you finish up with Secret's polishing!

  4. That picture of Norah reading TG is the best! It's exciting, isn't it, that you're in the final stages of preparing BOOK TWO for its entry into the world. Did you ever believe you'd be here? So glad you are.

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