Hi Y’all . . . Following the Followers –

Just poking my head in here a minute in between ice and snow and rain and sleet and little slivers of sun that don’t stick around- I’ve been cleaning house a bit on my blog….If I accidentally unfollowed you, please let me know!
Also, if you are following me, I would love to return the favor – please leave me a comment. If you follow without commenting, I may not know you are there!

GO SAINTS GO SAINTS GO SAINTS! I am so excited about the Saints! whoop whoop.

That’s all I needed to say for now – the posts below have plenty of links, trailer, whatever if you want to look about *smiling*
See you later . . .
oh! P.S. Kimmi (The Unbreakable Child) will be again hosting a Valentine’s Week at her blog. I’ll be a guest there, along with other writers. Today is William Haskins . . . stop by and say hi! I have some other places I’ll be guesting – always fun to do that, and hope you’ll come visit when that happens. *MUWAH*

19 thoughts on “Hi Y’all . . . Following the Followers –

  1. Oh, love the new cover! I haven't been able to load the trailer but will try again. It's not your site.. it's my stinking, old, fickle, fackle, rotten son of a she-hound computer! :D

  2. You're still peeking through your fingers on my blog. Thanks for wanting to stay. And congratulations on the Saints. As an Indiana girl, I felt obligated to cheer them on and since my husband was a Saints fan, it made for an interesting chorus of cheers and groans. In the end, I was glad, too, that the Saints won. They played a great game and Lord knows New Orleans deserved it.

  3. Congrats on your team winning and I love your book jacket photo. lol You seem very happy. I have been following your blog for a long time and am happy for your literary success

  4. Great to have you back and that your spring clean has already started! :-)Even though I don't follow American football I found myself rooting for New Orleans. It's the history and culture.Greetings from London.

  5. Hey Kathryn, it's raining here too and it sounds beautiful. :-)I LOVE the cover to your new book!!! Gorgeous.Also, you can see who's following you by looking in your dashboard. Where it says followers, if you click on it, it pulls everyone up. :-)

  6. Yes, I love a good underdog, too. But hey, they deserved it! And the city of New Orleans did, as well. Not sure if you unfollowed me, I'll have to look. But you're still on my blogroll! Nice new book cover, by the way! How exciting you have another one on the way. This little bit since I started working full time is the longest I've gone in 20 years without writing. Seriously. No brain left for it. Sad. I hope I get back to it. Soon.

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