Nekkid Reading of Secret Graces: so let it be written, so let it be done!

So far on Angie’s contest I spoke about here, and on Angie’s blog here and here, I have done two things: create a Facebook badge and put it on my blog (it’s to the left-the cover of SG) AND, Good Lawd!, a nekkid reading of Secret Graces. I did my promised two paragraphs . . . ha! Done!
So – here you are folks: Nekkid Reading of Secret Graces by kat Magendie

As you can see, thongs, I mean, throngs of readers are getting in on the act . . . yes . . . *laughing*

Now, my friends – my next two stops on my blog tour, where I will be fully clothed (laugh), will be at Deb’s Place and then Sharla’s Place.

25 thoughts on “Nekkid Reading of Secret Graces: so let it be written, so let it be done!

  1. Excuse me. I'm trying to find the lingerie department. Am I in the wrong store? What a lovely accent. I'm in SC, but originally from FL, so I have no accent. Am I missing out!Looking forward to reading SG, Kat.

  2. I am so impressed.This could just be the hook you were looking for…Simply brilliant reading, if this doesn't shift copy, I don't know what will.

  3. Kat you are a scandalous hoot and I love ya for it!!!!If ever you get an offer to do your book in an audio version you have got to do it!!!! You voice sounds like your writing. Lyrical!I loved the part about parasites. Lawd isn't that the truth!

  4. There is precious little I like more than naked brunettes with glasses. Hubba-Hubba!(MY WIFE is one, just in case you were wondering. Well, she wears glasses, I mean. And she's a brunette. She may or may not be naked at the moment. Hope not. She's at work.)

  5. **CLAPPING** You are the bomb, my friend! By the way, I just read your interview at Deb's, and I love love love this line from SG:"He turned me to him and said, “I love you.” He waited while the air stilled as if the entire world came to a stop in the second before everything could go one way or the other."Love it . Did I say I love it? I love it.Now I noticed you're coming to see me next. What do I do!!!!!!!!!

  6. Absolutely, positively LOVED your nekkid reading!! You're the best nekkid reader I've ever seen and heard! You all need to do all your book promos that way! People will be ordering cases of your books! LOL!

  7. I LOVED your nekkid reading! You are just as wonderful as I imagined. BTW, will the gentleman at the bottom (hee-hee) of this post be joining you on your next nekkid reading vlog? If so, count me in!!!! (Also, what's he holding there?)

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