Angie Gumbo Writer Needs Our Love and Support!

Hello Dear Friends!
I wanted to take a moment to ask if you could go by Angie at Gumbo Writer’s place and send some love and encouragement her way. Her mother has brain cancer, for the last two years or more, and as time passes, her mother becomes sicker and weaker than ever. It truly is just a matter of time.
As well, to make things worse, one of Angie’s old friends just found out she has cancer, so Angie is also helping her friend though this, going with her for radiation treatments in between her “shifts” with her mother. Angie has a family, teenagers, and a husband who has to travel a lot. I don’t know how she is standing up, much less helping and doing all she does for people. She’s one of the most self-less women I have ever known in my life. Angie is one of a kind – a beautiful person and soul and woman. I could spend a long time listing the good works Angie does, oh yes, I could. Despite all this, if I called her and said, “I need you,” she’d come–I’d never do that, knowing how chaotic her life is right now, and how exhausted she feels, but, knowing that awe’s me about her.
Angie was really active with her blog up until lately when it just became too much. That blog was her outlet, though, her saving from thinking about her mother’s cancer at every turn. Now, it seems bastard cancer is all around her, sneaking its tendrils into her every waking moment, and probably in her dreams, too.
I know when she gets back to her blog, the site of support from the blogger community will make her heart sing. She does so much for others; I’d love to see something nice done for her.
It would take just a moment to go by and offer your love, support, a hello, something….I know how lovely and supportive this blogging community can be. Thank y’all! *muwah*

16 thoughts on “Angie Gumbo Writer Needs Our Love and Support!

  1. Thanks so much, Kat, for letting us know about Angie. I noticed that she had not been posting lately and was wondering why. I will keep all of them in my thoughts and prayers. For the past three months, I have been on a similar journey with one of my best friends. Sadly, he lost his battle with cancer, and passed away 2 weeks ago, so I understand how hard this is.

  2. I just found out today that my grandfather has lung cancer, three months they say… lost my Dad to pancreatic six years ago. The big C is an evil B, I'm fair sick of losing my loved ones. Heading over to Angies.

  3. Thanks for the news, Kat. I had left a comment over there, wondering where she was – she's so prolific, it seemed like she was gone longer than she had been – and now I am glad to have an answer (although sad concerning the content of it.)

  4. Thanks for letting us know … and I'm on my way over.BTW … a long, long time ago you told me to remember that I always have a friend, close by, in you. Just want you to know that I've always treasured that and you, too, are a totally selfless person!I'm off to Angie's place!Have a great weekend!Small Footprints

  5. Thanks for letting us know. I was just there, saw no new post and wondered if things with her mom had gotten worse. Angie is truly a generous, huge-hearted woman whom I feel blessed to know. You are the very same kind of friend, whom I feel blessed to know.

  6. I know she'd been battling it and staying strong for all those around her. It's been a hard struggle for her and I am so thankful you are the kind of friend she needs.

  7. I'm trotting over as I type, I know the value of a few kind comments when the storms are howling over you. And she is blessed with such a dear friend as you!

  8. She is one of the kindest, most supportive people on here. I am so sorry her life has been so draining for far too long. She has amazing resilience and strength. I will pop over right now.

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