GMR’s gumbo and sweet tater cheesecake won 2nd place!

GMR prepared chicken and (turkey-)andouille
gumbo, and sweet potato cheesecake, on behalf of Gateway Club, for the Melange in the Mountains event. The judges had to choose from different categories of food, and two of those were Soup and Dessert, of which GMR prepared his Gumbo and Sweet Tater Cheesecake.

And he won second place
! Silver Star! He said, “A homecook up against some really talented chefs here in the mountains.” GMR was born and raised in New Orleans, and he knows his gumbo and sweet taters.

Congratulations, GMR for your second place win. He also said, “They put a FLOWER in my gumbo . . . what’s up with that? A flower! Should have been some green onion or something.”

The quality of the photos isn’t so hot – the lighting wasn’t right, but, I snapped a couple of them anyway.


13 thoughts on “GMR’s gumbo and sweet tater cheesecake won 2nd place!

  1. Bon Temp!!! Andouille, be still my cajun heart. Congrats to GMR and a special thanks to whoever coined the event Melange on the Mtn. Melange is my fav word.

  2. Congrats to GMR on the win, on the gumbo, and on the sweet potato cheesecake! Such a beautiful presentation, too! How exciting!Sure wish that I could sample some of each! Cheers, sha!

  3. Woohoo, this boy obviously knows his stuff! Personally, I can overlook virtually anything if a man can cook. We have "Gateway" over here too, are they like ours, social clubs run for the benefit of special needs kids and their families?

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