Secret Graces is released! Yay!


6 thoughts on “Secret Graces is released! Yay!

  1. Dear Kathryn, A great big round of applause and hats off to you! Can\’t wait to read Secret Graces.As ever be well, my dear friend

  2. Ohhh Dear Kathryn, I cannot wait to read Secret Graces. I have a question, "Is it possible for me to send you my copy and have you sign it?" Or does that invite your zillions of enthusiastic fans to flood you with copies of their books for you to sign? If you have a book-signing tour in FL please let me know and I will get there in line to see your beautiful smiling face and your signature added to my copy of your book that you have written. I am so proud to be a fan of yours. Stay safe and well Beautiful Kathryn and I stand and applaud you! Always, Sandra

  3. Dear Kathryn, I can not thank you enough for the great honor and kindness you have shown me but am sure that I will think of something. Damn! Now I have to publish a novel and dedicate it to you. Smile! When I read your brief note and the dedication, I did so with a smile and some very special tears. Thank you again and as ever be well, my dear friend. Stephen Craig Rowe

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