South Louisiana in my Boopmobile . . .

8 Apr

As this posts, I’m already on my way to South Louisiana for the Jubilee Writer’s Conference, where I’ll sign some books and mingle with writers and editors and readers and librarians and all manner of interesting peoples.

But, I’ll also get to hug our Angie Gumbo Writer, and I’ll make sure I hug her for you all, too. And I’ll eat my traditional fried shrimp poboy with a cold frosty beer and some french fries–at least this is what I always try to do when I go to South Louisiana, a treat I can’t get (at least not done right) anywhere else.
I’ll see some grandfather oaks, and spanish moss, and hear the music, and see all the Looseanner people. South Louisiana isn’t like any other place; it truly isn’t.

If you see my Boopmobile while on my travels, honk a hello to me! You’ll know it’s my boopmobile when you see it–at least when you see my license plate.

I’ll be back on Monday sometime, where GMR and Little Silly Girl and Not Quite Fat Dog
will be waiting for me in the cove at Killian Knob. I may check in while I’m in Looseranner, but if not – all y’all have good days and wish me luck on my travels and at the conference! As they shout in Loueeseeanner: AIYEEEEEEEEE!

Here’s the link to hear my interview on Kat on The Writer’s Show – if you care to hear my gravely voice – I was exhausted from the drive, but it was a fun show to do.

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