Angie Gumbo Writer’s Mother….

27 Apr

UPDATE: Angie’s mother just passed away – keep her in your thoughts – thank you, friends. . .

My friends, please keep Angie in your thoughts or prayers or whatever you believe and/or stop by her blog and send your love again. . . her mother is not doing well at all right now. She’s rallied many times before in this 2 and a half years that they’d said wouldn’t even be a year that she’d make it, but this time seems to be very bad right now.

Peggy Elaine is one of the ones I dedicated SG to – along with our Barry Fraser and Stephen Craig Rowe – all three of them are beautiful people . . . there are many more where cancer has tried to pull out their smiles and beauty, but cancer did not succeed in that respect, and I wish I could have named them all. Bastard cancer . . . .

Hugs and love to you Angie – I’m thinking of you and of your mother and of your family.

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