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28 Apr

Fly beautiful bird fly.
Hi everyone.

Some of you have written and asked for Angie’s address to send a card. If you want her address, please email me and I’ll get that to you.

Her mother’s name is Peggy DiBenedetto.

This has been a long 2 and 1/2 years for her and her family and Angie has been the woman I know and love — giving and wonderful and unselfish. It’s just who she is. I would trust her with my life and I don’t say that about just anyone. I’ve never met another woman like Angie and I don’t know that I ever will meet another like her. She’s the real deal, as they say.

I saw her mother before she “went way down” and I can only call her beautific. I was spellbound – that’s the way I have to describe it. It was as if she glowed from the inside out with beauty and love and friendship and kindness. I can see where Angie received her loving spirit.

Just as I was writing this, I saw where I’d missed a call from Angie. She sounded tired, but okay.

Keep her and her family in your thoughts. Go by her blog and say hello so that when she returns to it, she’ll see your “smiling faces” and read your thoughts.

I feel too sad to write anything more on my blog, but I’ll be back later with the usual whatever- – and so will Angie be back to her blog – y’all go hug your momma’s and your daddy’s and your kids and your friends . . . hug them tight tight.
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