I need to take a Big Deep Breath!

5 May

Hi Y’all. I need a nap or something . . .

You know, I started blogging on MSN (Howling from my Mountain) to talk about my writing journey – or the journey to publishing, etc. I always just laid it on the line – wrote about things honesty and straight-forward, as I try to do here . . . without too much whining *laughing*

So, why am I hiding the fact that I’m feeling just a little overwhelmed right now? That I’m having a hard time keeping up with IT ALL . . . EVERYTHING that crosses my path or desk or email or phone or door or twitter or facebook or . . . –between my work (what I’ve dreamed about for years – seeing that come to fruition, seeing that as my main focus, I admit), my friends and family, my homelife, and all of you in Blog Friend Land, Other Social Networking, and et cetera.

There is so much going on – two books coming out this year, and another VK saga to write. But with that comes additional work, for you don’t just write the books, send them off, they are published, and then you sit back and think, “well, that’s done,” for the work continues. I have my fingers in other pies as well – Rose & Thorn, and a couple other projects. I’ve had to let some things go, even when I didn’t want to. And some requests I am getting, or things I want to help other writers/writer friends with I’ve not been able to do as I used to — I hope they forgive me for that.

But what I notice, too, is how my blog is suffering lately. Posting has been a bit erratic, due to one thing or another, along with some unexpected things. Then there is the visiting I’ve been unable to do much of lately – dang it! I tried getting to all of your blogs on Sundays – reading, catching up, and commenting, and usually that took most of the day, but I’ve even fallen off the schedule with even that.

So, everyone, be patient with me as I slide into sea of stuff and wade around until I get my footing. I’m going to stay busy, at least for a while, but I’m hoping not quite as frenetic as time progresses, and to get myself organized. My social life is down to “not having one” *laughing* other than when I have to go out of town or have visitors and am “forced” to back away from the computer . . . huhn!

I want to write to you about Angie, and there are more things I want to get back to blogging about so my blog isn’t so disjointed. And I miss visiting all of you -maybe if I didn’t try visiting all in one gulp, but instead divided you all up and visited a few at a time – that could work!

So, what’s been going on with you? What are you up to? Has your blog suffered because of life and demands?

Before I leave – Bellebooks still has the promo they are doing of offering Tender Graces on Amazon Kindle for free. I don’t know how long it will be there, but if you have the e-reader and want TG, now’s the time to do it. However, Secret Graces isn’t offered for free – it just came out!

Now, everyone, tell me to take a BIG DEEP BREATH! to take my own advice and go out and smell some roses or something *laughing* *muwah* and love to you all….miss you and your lives and your humor and fun and what you all write about!
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