Fried Critter Leg Anyone? South Louisiana Cuisine Gone Wild

6 May

After my “I need to take a breath” post of yesterday, below, today is something to make you laugh, or go, as I did, “OMG – EYEWWWWWW that’s disgusting and even disturbing.” *laughing* Can you tell from the photos above what the man is eating? Hmmmm? Can you?

A friend took the photos at the Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Fest For All. Some of you know I went to South Louisiana for Angie Gumbo Writer’s mom’s funeral – which was lovely and there are some thoughts I will set down about that. But, when the friend sent these photos today, I was reminded all over again just how crazy South Louisianians are . . . omg!

The man in the photo, named George, is eating something that I at first thought was a turkey leg, for they do serve big fried turkey legs at the festival. However, as we came closer, I saw . . . er . . . ugh . . . fur . . and, and, and . . . claws – OH DEAR LAWD HELP ME . . .I said, “WHAT IS THAT?*shudder*,” George said, “It’s a fried coon leg.” I said, “NO WAY!” he said, “YES WAY!” and he kind of pushed it towards GMR and me, just a’grinnin’ . . . and sure enough, there was a haunch he was gnawing on that had a fried coating on it, and then the lower part of the leg, and there was fur, and claw. EYEWWWWWWWW!

Then our friend, Steve Winham, who was with his lovely wife Betty (and there’s another story of a drunkened fellow trying to pick up Betty and I at the festival *haw*), took a picture of GMR and me standing with George and his culinary nightmare. As you can see by my screwed up face – it was pretty screwed up *laughing* OMG . . .

The stand where he bought it had other “culinary delights” other than “fried coon leg” – you can read some of them. The “Fried Coon Leg” was written on a red disposable plate, rather proudly I might add. *eyewwwwww* All I could think about was our coons come to the feeder, so fat and happy . . . *gulp*

I’m still queasy about it – good lawd! Those South Louisianians are truly one of a kind!

(before I leave to go throw up -laughing- I found out from Bellebooks that the Tender Graces Free Kindle Download promo will be two weeks only – so if you want a free download of the first book, then hurry and get it! There’s a write up about free e-books on the Los Angele’s Times Book section and they mention me and TG and SG –not the content of the books, just about kindle e book promos etc. . . )

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