So after yesterday’s Post . . . WHOOPIEEEEE!

16 May

Y’all, today I feel “successful” – I am allowing myself to feel that. Why? Because today I am having Fun. Today I am letting any good news enter my bones and settle into my marrow – I am letting myself feel the word “success” without qualifying it – okay, I admit, I almost wrote “feel the word success even though . . . dot dot dot dot dot dot . . .” but I erased what I’d said. I want to allow a grin to ease over my face and settle there for a while!

Today I have come across good news and for as long as it lasts, because in this business one never knows what will happen, the highs and lows and lows and highs and in between (stop the qualifying Kat! dang you!); however, today, I am going to shout WHOOPIE! And let my WHOOPIE travel to my feet and cause me to jump up and do a happy dance *laugh*

First, Tender Graces went back to its regular price, no longer a free promo, but instead of immediately dropping down as I expected, when I last checked it was still at the Number 1 spot on Kindle Literary and Number 4 spot on Kindle over all. It was also doing well on its stats for the trade paperback. As well, Secret Graces is in the top 100 Kindle and doing well on its paper version, too. I’m not going back in there, so don’t tell me if it’s suddenly number 1 thousand hundred gazillion and two *laughing*

When I went into Amazon front book page this morning to write a review for a book I just read (I try to do that for the authors) and I saw my lil ole Tender Graces on the front page – on the Kindle best sellers – at the price it is going for, not for free, so, for now, I can feel that and be happy.

THEN! This morning I was reading my Asheville Citizen Times Book Page and what did I see? I saw “Top 20 WNC Books” – I thought to myself, “Dang. Wish I were listed here. Oh well, I’ll see who is and then give them a mention and a whoopieee.” Um, wait, what’s this? Barbara Kingsolver No 1; Swan Thieves No 2, Miss Julia No 3; Sarah Addison’s at No 4 and 5 — and…wait! what’s this? TENDER GRACES AT NO 6! WHOOPIEEE! I didn’t even know it was there; didn’t know it was No 6 in the top 20 WNC books.

So . . . today I am allowing myself to be Happy and Giggly and feel that word: success without qualifiers sneaking in and making it less than what it should be.
Shoot, even babies love my books — and since that’s my little granddaughter Norah Kathryn, I’m doubly happy *laugh*

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