No 1; No 6 – Tender Graces & Virginina Kate!

21 May
Bellebooks/Bell Bridge books knows what they are doing. The promo to have Tender Graces free for a 2-week promo went so very well. On amazon general overall books, TG stayed in the top five, and mostly in the top 3, during the entire promo, then after it went back to full price, it continued in the top five until I quit looking, which was about four days (after that I decided to stop looking *laugh*), but on Amazon Kindle Literary books, it has remained in the number one position and my publishers said it was still there yesterday! Yayy! Kathryn Stockett’s popular "The Help" has the number two spot, so I feel good about  my number 1 spot. Yay!
Then in the Asheville Citizen Times book pages on Sunday, WNC Top Twenty books, TG was in the number 6 spot! Barbara Kingsolver was No 1, Sarah Addison Allen No 4 & 5 spot (good for her! yayyy!). That was a pleasant surprise for Tender Graces to be 6 in all the authors from our area – and there are many, and some big names, like Charles Frazer, Wayne Caldwell, Tommy Hays, Lee Smith.
Secret Graces has been out only about a month and a half, but it is doing well, too.
I’m so excited!
*big smiling*
The most important thing right now, though, is for me to get back to work and write. All those rankings and ratings come and go and go and come and I try not to focus on them. However, in this business, when some good news comes, well, it’s hard not to go YAYYYYYY! *laugh* . . . now, back to work y’all! :)Little Norah Kathryn enjoying her granny kat’s book teehee

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  1. john May 21, 2010 at 11:36 am #

    Way to go…. congrats.

  2. Stephen Craig May 21, 2010 at 11:43 am #

    Dear Kathryn, What good news! Love both books.As ever be well

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