Bustin’ a Gut Laughing with friends & writing writing writing because I can

2 Jun

Lawd; how behind I am in visiting everyone. While at the beach, I only checked my email a few times here and there, and I may have “tweeted” once, and “Facebooked” once. The only real work I did was to read the printed out copy of the novella due to Bellebooks this month and mark areas that needed work.

Yeah, I’m nuts! *laughing* – Yes, I have the Sweetie novel due to the publishers this month, too. So why did I agree to write a novella, too? *shrug* because I was asked? because I can? because this is what I always dreamed of–writing writing writing? Because this is what I do? Because emptying my head leaves room for more? What is your passion? how do you manifest it; make dreams come true; do what you always wanted to do?

My two readers have finished reading SWEETIE and I have a good thumbs up. One of them cried at the ending, but it was happy poignant tears, she said, so that’s good. Yayy! make em cry is always a good thing *laughing* Thing is, this novel may could cross between YA and Adult – so I don’t know how Bellebooks will go at that. I wrote it for adults, but seems it can maybe go YA.

I snapped some evening photos at the beach. One day I’m going to buy a camera that takes really good night photos and distance photos — one day!

Saturday I’ll be at the Blue Ridge Book & Author Showcase with about fifty other authors. It’s in Flat Rock, NC; so if you are going to be in the area, I’d love to meet you!

Friends at Beach stuff: I actually laughed so hard I thought I’d pee myself. Now, that’s laughing hard. That’s a rare thing–to laugh that hard! And if I were to tell you what we laughed so hard about, you’d give that polite laugh, that “Oh, that’s funny!” and you’d mean it, but, you’d also be trying to laugh harder, because that’s what I’d be doing as I retold it – I’d be trying to get out the situation, laughing in between, doubled over, haw haw haw and then this happ–haw–ened and then we –haww hawww—and that ha–haw—pp–haw–ened! Because, truly, sometimes you really do need to be there! *laughing*

When’s the last time you laughed so hard you doubled over — thought you’d “bust a gut” or “pee yourself” (yes, that’s crude, but how else can I say it *laughing*)? Want to tell about it? Who were you with? What were you doing?

More later — must get the Petey story novella and the Sweetie novel DONE. Time’s a-wastin!
*muwah* — thank you all for your support, your comments, your emails, your FB messages – everything!
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