"A picture’s worth a thousand words"

23 Jun

As writers, we create images that places pictures in a reader’s mind. If we see an object, a person, a place, a thing, we can take our “thousand words” and create the scene(s) beyond the image, and as well, we create thought and character and mood and scene to attach to the images.

A rose is a rose is a rose in a photo, but: Who took the photo of the rose; who stands behind the camera, and why that rose? Who tended the garden of this rose, loved it, cared for it? Will a finger be pricked by its thorn and draw blood? Will the rose be plucked from the garden and given to someone, or put on a grave, or placed in a vase in someone’s kitchen, or taken far away from its home. Will the rose grow older, begin to brown at its edges, and finally, all the petals all to the ground, gone. Will next spring and summer, the rose return–again and again–always without fail the rose returns. The rose is the most beautiful it has ever been and will never be again and it knows it, uses its beauty to its advantage. The rose is among so many other roses, how will it ever be noticed? The rose is; that is how it will be.

These images here today can speak for themselves or you can create the words, the story, behind them. I am now going to go work on SWEETIE. Deadline approaches fast for Melissa and Sweetie’s story, which will be released this November (and for those of you who ask about The Graces Saga III – it is scheduled to be released next summer). Enjoy your day!
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