Extended Day Off: Give away on Monday

27 Jun

I had such a good time Friday, I extended my day off through the weekend! So, I’ll be back to work on Monday.

I want to stop in to let you all know that Adnan Mahmutovic’s new book “Thinner Than a Hair” is released and he is on Blog Tour. So tomorrow, I am going to have some sort of Give Away. Adnan is a beautiful writer and a good friend. He’s a “Bosnian turned Swede” and teaches at the University of Sweden.

Friday I jogged/ran 5 1/2 miles- my personal best! That set up the day for energy, and calorie deficits *laughing* Then GMR and I drove to Asheville where we ate lunch at Atlantic Bread Company – they have sandwiches with fresh “homemade” bread and with all its windows, it’s a nice bright place to eat. After that, we tooled around here and there; I touched and oohed and ahhed over things and here and there purchased a little something or other. We then drove back to Haywood County and to Main Street Waynesville, where we walked around the sweet little main street; I had my Ketel One and tonic and something else to eat. We tottered around; I admired this/that. We then drove out of our way to the Dairy Queen because all those commercials about Blizzards had me wanting one – I ate an entire Strawberry Cheesequake Blizzard: it had chunks of strawberry and cheesecake in it! It was worth the “ohhhhh my gawd I’m gonna be sick” feeling *haw*

My day off sounds pretty durn boring, but it was just that “tootle around as we go, la la la tee dah” feeling that I needed.

I fiddle dee dee’d around yesterday, too. And today I’m going to la tee dah again today. I think this extended “day off” will refresh me for the work I need to do next week. Ahhh!

Hope you are all having a wonderful weekend. Adnan and I will see you tomorrow where I’ll figure out what to do for the book give aways. I have a copy of Adnan’s “Thinner” and I’m considering pairing it with another book or books.

Now, on to finish my coffee…ahhhh.

What are you doing this weekend? Relaxing or working?

(photo image – my brother Tommy’s and my shadows)

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