S P E L L I N G . . .

30 Jun

I consider myself a pretty durn good speller. However, there are some words that trip me up every time, and with those words I have to play little games with myself. Some of those games have finally finally led me to the correct spelling without that tripping up. Most are my own made up games; however, one like the Principal/Principle I heard from somewhere or other so I know what to do when writing about the school principal versus the principle of the thing (the principal is my pal).

There’s separate—seems easy enough of a word, but I’d hesitate on it. Two a’s or one? Until I began saying to myself as I typed it: Sep – AR – Rate. Problem solved!

Shampaine, although I can’t imagine a time when I couldn’t spell champagne – oops! Ha! I just hesitated on the word until I thought in my head: sham – pag – nee. Haw!

What about obsess? – Hey! I just did it! Although I usually obsess over how many ssss’ss there are in obsess. Success—two c’s, two ss’s – this I know, but I suppose if I didn’t, I’d say in my head: Suck-Cess, teehee.

Accommodate: yup, two c’s, two m’s! Tomorrow Tomorrow I love ya Tomorrow – you have one M and two R’s! These things I know. But sometimes the more simple the word, the more I second guess myself. Huhn.

Many of us may have words we stumble or hesitate over. Of course, if we’re writing in Word, our computer may fix it for us. But in twitter or facebook or commenting or . . . well, there just may be those times when we need to know how to spell something and spelling it correctly would be awfully nice.

What about you? What word(s) trip you up? How do you deal with it/remember to spell it right? Or, like me, are there some words you obsssesss about and can’t ever seem to remember to spell correctly?

(Be sure to visit Dr. Mahmutovic – he’s on Blog Tour for his new release “Thinner than a Hair” and I am one of this stops *smiling*)
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Update! hey – there’s a place called “The Spelling Blog” – (see comments below) She gives tips and ideas for the whys and hows of spelling, et cetera

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