We have Comp’ny —

12 Jul

Hello and Happy Monday! GMR and I have “houseguests” and I am in the midst of going through line edits for “Petey” – what or who is a “Petey?” you may ask, or you may not *laugh* – but Petey is the novella I had to write and re-write and edit to completion in 30 days, for Bellebooks. From what I understand, it will be published along with another author’s novella-length work. Don’t know all the details yet, but when I do, I’ll pass them on.

Meanwhile, I sent Sweetie on to BB so the line edits can be done. I just realized, Sweetie/Petey – sounds so much alike – I must like “etie” sounds *laugh*

GMR’s son, daughter in law, and grandson are here. Nick is precious. These photos are not his photos, but I don’t want to upload photos of Nick without asking them first. So, I leave you with photos of little Boop, Norah Kathryn . . .
And, I’ll see you all again soon. I’ll also be working on the next issue of the Rose & Thorn Journal . . . it goes live July 15, so hope you’ll come see us then. The announcement newsletter goes out as well, and if you’ve not signed up, I hope you will. Our writers, artist, and poets would love to hear from you – go by and take a look at the spring issue before it goes into archives.
Have a wonderful day – will see y’all later!

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