Barry Fraser: A beautiful lovely man – We will miss him so very much

21 Jul
*a kiss farewell*
My friends, for any of you who knew and loved Barry Fraser – he has passed away. I just can’t find words to express my grief over a man I never met face-to-face, but one for whom I had the greatest respect and love. I don’t know what else to say. I’d written a dedication to him and  hoped that  dedication was one of hope and life and our Barry would write more about his walks with his best canine friend Lindsay. I feel honored to have known him. And now . . . he has left and I just feel so damned sad and crying for someone I wish I HAD met face to face, but it is as if I had, that’s how strong a personality he was, is?. He is truly a dear and special man who touched so many lives. .

I hate cancer.

His wife Linda posted on his site – if you want to say a word.

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