Cataloochee Elk, Tobacco Barn & Caldwell house

2 Aug

Angie, me, GMR, and Angie’s hb went to Cataloochee to see the elk. Angie had about three heart-attacks, five jumping out of her skins, two AUUUGGGH’s, and three We’re gonna Dieeeee’s, as we wound our way round and up and then round and down to get to the Cataloochee valley (teeheehee). While there, we also visited the old tobacco barn and the old Caldwell house. I snapped some photos of the old tabacco barn, the old homestead, and the elk- but not all of the photos are in the usual way. I liked how the light was that day, how it came through breaks between the barn wood, or through the windows and doors of the house.
I talked Angie into staying a little longer, so we can extend our visit. There’s so much to see, but, as well, there’s so much just to Not Do – relax, nap, write, be.

Today I’ll get back to work on VK III a little while Angie works on her WIP. Sometimes it will strike me all of a sudden how I have two books out, Sweetie on the way in November, as well as a novella that will be published with two other author’s novellas and released this fall, and, the VK III book to work on to be released summer 2011. I do feel like my dreams have come true – like a writer, an author, a novelist. But! Also! Chimney Rock Park calls, as does the Cherokee Museum, and Joey’s Pancake House and Jelly Bellies in Maggie Valley, Main Street Waynesville, the Blue Ridge Parkway, Smoky Mountain State Park drive down 441, and et cetera. In between and among these things is the porch, where I am sitting, along with Angie, as we each type on our laptops. There’s a nice cool breeze, though the heat’s going to return to the valleys, at near 3400 feet we are lucky to feel the breeze from the ridgetops and from off the creek.

Life is good living in this cove at Killian Knob.

I leave you with some images of the tobacco barn, the old Caldwell house, and the Cataloochee elk. To see them bigger, should you want to, just click on the photos.
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