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4 Aug

Hi Y’all! Just stopping in to direct you all to the Rose & Thorn blog, where Angie Gumbo Writer has an interview with with Ronlyn Domingue, author of The Mercy of Thin Air. Feel free to leave a comment, say hi, whatever! While there, stop by the R&T Journal and read the summer offerings.

Also, I am busy working on the line-edits for the SWEETIE novel to be released this fall. Beyond that, I’ve started VK III and as soon as I finish SWEETIE line-edits, I will get back to work on (Something) GRACES, the final book in the Graces Sagas trilogy (as far as I know, it’s the final book).

I was pleased that my editor at BB publishers called Sweetie an “amazing kick-ass book” – I’ve been saying that phrase all morning *laughing* – to GMR, to Angie, to twitter, to facebook. How could I not do the Happy Dance? If your editor loves your book that much, then the excitment and energy for the book grows even greater. The time you wait to hear back from your editor to see if she/he likes the book, much less loves it, is stress-rendering. So, when you not only have the green-light, but the “kick-ass amazing” part–I can’t describe the happiness, joy, and relief combined! WHOOP WHOOP!
my view as I work on Sweetie/Graces Saga, etc!
I know I’m behind on my visiting and all, but, this has been a really busy year for me, busier than ever — with the release of SECRET GRACES while still keeping TENDER GRACES alive and going, and SWEETIE, then the surprise from BB asking me if I’d like to write a novella to go with two other author’s novellas. That three-author work should come out this fall, as well. Pair that with the “non writing part of a writing life” and it makes for a crazy year! But – isn’t this what I signed up for? Isn’t this what I wanted? Isn’t this my dream? . . . Yes. It is. *smiling*
Tomorrow I Skype with a book club – I am looking forward to that, but worry about Skype’s problems they’ve had — I was Skyping with my son and baby Lil’ Boop and my computer crashed! First time that’s ever happened.

What are you working on? Are you winding down with summer vacations and such? Can you believe it is already August?
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