LitChat & I was a weird kid, were you?

10 Sep

Today I’ll be the Guest Moderator at Litchat (@litchat on twitter with hashtag #litchat, and for this week, hashtag #tkam)and @katmagendie Celebrating 50 years of To Kill A Mockingbird. I’d love to have you join us – if you do so via tweetchat, it’s easy to stay in the chat and see what’s going on. It’s from 4-5 EST today (and every M, W, F, from 4-5).

I was thinking about the weird things some of us may have done or said as kids (or all of us?) I guess I was a pretty weird kid- no weirder than some, maybe weirder than others . . .ha!
But, when I was a young teen, one day my friend was talking about how she had had an imaginary friend. I thought, “imaginary friend?” I’d not remembered ever having one of those. I had an imaginary Stallion – I’d ride my bike and pretend it was my trusty steed. But an imaginary friend? huhn. I decided I wanted one of those. So I “made one up,” and thus began a glorious friendship to span, um, a couple of days . . . maybe it would have spanned a couple of more days, but my Real Live Friend said, “Um, you’re a little old to have an imaginary friend – it’s weird.” Oops. Oh. Okay. I said, “Well, gee, okay.” Teehee. So, Imaginary Friend disappeared. That’s okay, it was always nagging at me that it had to keep up all the conversation and was a much better friend than I was . . . haw!

I thought about that day today and laughed. I mean, to have an imaginary friend when you’re little is Cute; to have one when you are 13 or so probably seems a bit InSane.  I did a lot of weird kid things, but that’s one I remember this morning.

So, you tell me: What kind of weird kid thing did you do that you look back on and think, “Geez, I did that? Lawd.”

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